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Garfunkel And Oates Help You Deal With Life's Continual Disappointments

How do you keep feeling your sunshine-y best when everything is the worst? Easy: through song and a bit of delusion!

alicialutes • 5 years ago

A Couple Questions For Benedict Cumberbatch's Hair In "The Fifth Estate"

Creepy blonde locks of varying length and unwash: we salute you, true star of the new The Fifth Estate trailer. Cumberbatch Smumberbatch! We've got some questions for this new Internet treasure.

alicialutes • 6 years ago

A Day In The Life Of The "Ascension Millennium," According To Corey Feldman

The "Ascension Millennium" has everything: nonsensical lyrics, sexy angels, a Sean Astin cameo, product placement, all of the fedoras because of course, and the never-ending Michael Jackson impersonation that is Corey Feldman's life.

alicialutes • 6 years ago