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A Couple Questions For Benedict Cumberbatch's Hair In "The Fifth Estate"

Creepy blonde locks of varying length and unwash: we salute you, true star of the new The Fifth Estate trailer. Cumberbatch Smumberbatch! We've got some questions for this new Internet treasure.

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The Fifth Estate is a film that will ultimately cause controversy: whether you believe Assange to be a hero, a traitor, a cautionary tale, a necessary evil, or an egomaniacal control freak, one thing is certain: homeboy has some seriously scene-stealing locks. You'd think, with the Internet's favorite human in the role (Benedict Cumberbatch) that these follicle foibles would take a back seat, but oh no: not even Sherlock himself can take center stage away from the myriad of heady moments set forth in the film's new trailer.

And let me tell you, we've got some questions.

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