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    15 Things You Should Know About Coco Gauff After Her Extraordinary Wimbledon Run

    A star is born. ✨

    The world officially met (and fell in love with) 15-year-old tennis player Coco Gauff last week.

    My fav pic of the week💚💜🎾 @Wimbledon #neverlimityourdreams

    She blasted onto the public scene thanks to her remarkably impressive win against Venus Williams during the opening day at Wimbledon.

    Well, she’s so badass that we thought you should also know these 14 things about her now that she’s in the public eye and inspiring so many with her outstanding performances.

    1. She was born on March 13, 2004 to Corey and Candi Gauff in Delray Beach, Florida.

    2. Gauff is the youngest player ever to make the main draw as a qualifier.

    3. When asked who her idols were (outside of tennis, of course) she responded with Rihanna, Beyonce and Michelle Obama.

    4. Let's just say one of her trio of idols later congratulated her via Twitter, simply saying "Coco is terrific!"

    When you finally have time to scroll thru twitter🙃😍💃🏾 #idol

    Just a congratulatory tweet from the former First Lady, nbd.

    5. Her coach Patrick Mouratoglou also coaches Serena Williams.

    What makes 15 year old @CocoGauff a future tennis star? 🎾 Her coach @pmouratoglou tells #BBCBreakfast what he saw in her just 5 years ago ⬇️ #tennis #wimbledon @Wimbledon

    6. Coco’s win over Magdalena Rybarikova was the highest peak Wimbledon audience, according to a BBC broadcaster.

    7. She also got a special shoutout from actor Samuel L. Jackson, saying he can't wait to see more from her.

    BTW, Thanks @CocoGauff for the joy of you!! Can’t wait for more!#futuresobrightshegottowearshades

    8. What's next for Coco when it comes to her tennis game?

    Coco Gauff is setting her sights next on the U.S. Open in New York City.

    It seems she may have her sights set on the U.S. open next!

    9. Expectations are high for her. So much so, that Forbes even wrote this article recognizing Coco is awesome, but asking folks to back off a bit.

    10. The endorsement offers and sponsorship opportunities are coming in.

    11. And apparently, pasta is one of her main sponsors?

    @CocoGauff being great AND having pasta as one of your main sponors? GOALS.

    12. Just like Venus and Serena Williams, CNN reports Coco has shown early signs that she will use her celebrity for social good.

    13. She plans to go to college.

    "Until I graduate college, I'm going to have to take exams before my tournaments." - Coco Gauff on her whirlwind Wimbledon run

    14. So, it's official. She's a bona fide celebrity.

    When you bring your teen niece to @Wimbledon to watch her cousins and all she wants to do is meet ⁦@CocoGauff⁩ 🤣. ⁦@AilsaErskine⁩ #rolemodel

    Coco said, "It's been really crazy, I'm getting recognized in the restaurants and on the street."

    15. She fully intends to be the best. No, really. This is her actual declaration following her win against Venus: "I want to be the greatest."

    Cheers to a rising star!