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    24 Products That Basically Do All The Work For You

    I'm done doing anything.

    1. A HelloFresh box that'll make cooking dinner is a breeze with its top-notch menu and pre-portioned ingredients. Now you won't have to take a last-minute trip to the grocery store when you realize there's nothing in your pantry but cobwebs.

    2. A petite photo printer that prints pictures directly from your phone's camera roll. It uses a free app that allows you to add filters and frames, and shows you exactly how your photos will turn out, so you'll never waste your precious film on subpar pics again.

    3. A portable wine glass holder that sticks right to the wall of your shower or bathtub so that you can pregame while you get clean. It can suction onto almost any flat, shiny, dry surface, so you can probably find a few other creative places to use it in your home.

    4. A winged eyeliner kit that'll give you that perfect cat eye with barely any effort. This set comes with a dual-ended, waterproof pen that has stamps for each eye and a liquid eyeliner pen to finish off the look.

    5. A mini ring light set that'll give you studio-level illumination, and hold your phone for you while you film your TikTok routines and makeup tutorials. It'll also kick your selfie game up a notch, and who doesn't want that?

    6. An iRobot Roomba so that you never have to worry about sweeping or vacuuming your floors again. You can connect it to your phone via a free app and schedule when you want it to start cleaning, even from a distance.

    7. An adjustable neck phone mount that is every lazy person's dream device. You just pop it onto your shoulders and stream or FaceTime to your heart's content, hands-free.

    8. A clitoral vibrator that'll get you through a dry spell with, like, zero effort. It has four speed settings, two pulsation modes, and has enough juice for four hours of fun with a single AAA battery (not included).

    9. Or a WeVibe dual-point rabbit with ten vibration modes that's arced to get all up in your business in the best way possible. You can also connect it to a free app, if you want to give your partner the reins in the bedroom.

    10. A ginger and turmeric jelly mask that's packed with vitamin C and is basically an antioxidant smoothie for your face. If your skin is feeling (and looking) more stressed out that usual, this may be your saviour.

    11. A speedy egg cooker that'll whip up a protein-packed breakfast for you in mere minutes. It doesn't need to be monitored, so you can take a shower or watch another episode of Tiger King while it gets down to business.

    12. An easy-to-use productivity journal that'll help you create more effective to-do lists and declutter your schedule. If you're looking to get organized and procrastinate less, you need this in your life.

    13. A pair of loofa-like spa gloves that will lather your soap and scrub your bod all in one go. They're soft on one side and scrubby on the other, so you an choose your level of exfoliation.

    14. An ultrasonic diffuser that will fill your room with spa scents with the click of a button. Now you won't have to go around lighting candles every night.

    15. A spinning makeup brush cleaner that'll magically remove the built-up product from your beauty tools in minutes — and dry them, too! Now you won't have to waste your precious hours of leisure scrubbing them down with your own two hands.

    16. A divided laundry bag that'll make an easy job of separating your darks, brights, lights, and gym clothes. It has a handy carrying strap, so lugging it from your apartment to your laundry room will be less of a chore, too.

    17. And a genius laundry-folding device that will make your dresser drawers store-level tidy. Kiss that floordrobe goodbye, because you're about to have the neatest wardrobe in the world.

    18. A pack of acne patches that'll suck all the gross stuff out of your zits and magically make them disappear overnight. They have super-thin edges that blend in with your skin and can be used for larger breakouts on your cheeks, forehead, back, and chin (you can trim 'em for smaller blemishes).

    19. A flexible, multipurpose squeegee that can clean both wet and dry messes. It'll save you tons of sponges and paper towels, and doesn't cost much more.

    20. A smartphone-controlled Ember mug that'll keep your drink at the perfect temperature with the help of an app, so you'll never need to reheat your beverage. The future really is now.

    21. A Foreo Luna Mini 2 that'll scrub your entire face clean with T-Sonic pulses. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin and will get rid of makeup residue, dead skin cells, and just about anything else.

    22. A Click and Grow indoor garden, if you want to start growing your own plants, but don't want to put in any effort. It's a basically super low-maintenance herb and vegetable that'll have you feeling like a seasoned botanist without even trying.

    23. A pair of foot peeling masks that are packed with moisturizing ingredients and will make your tootsies feel as smooth as ever. Who needs to spend hours with a pumice stone when you could just be rockin' moisture-boosting booties?

    24. And finally, a Keurig coffee maker for one that makes AND pours the perfect cuppa Joe. It also doesn't take up a lot of counter space, which is essential if you have a small kitchen.

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