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    24 Self-Care Products That'll Help You Have The Ultimate Spa Experience At Home

    Just a bunch of goodies from all your fave brands, like Sephora, Herbivore, Caudalie, Laniege, and more!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These self-heating eye masks that'll magically lift away tension, headaches, and stress. The thermotherapy is activated by oxygen β€” an ultra-thin layer of iron filings reacts with the air, and gently releases the jasmine essential oils contained within.

    @spacemasks / Via

    And they're incredibly easy to use! Just loop the mask over your ears, and enjoy.

    Get a package of five at the Detox Market for $30.

    2. This leave-on lip mask that'll soften and smooth your smoocher overnight. It creates a protective barrier on your lips to really lock in moisture, and help keep active ingredients in place. And with plenty of antioxidants and vitamin C, you'll want to slather your pout in this every single night.

    Sephora Canada / Via, Sephora Canada / Via

    Plus, it smells incredible! It's packed with raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and cranberry essences, so it's basically like a fruity treat for your mouth.

    Get it at Sephora Canada for $26 (available in four formulas).

    3. This glacial clay-infused bath soak that harnesses the power of menthol, coriander seed, sage, and pine to draw impurities out of the skin and leave it feeling softer than a baby's bum. Dust one packet into the tub, and get in β€” you'll feel like you're walking naked in a wild forest.

    @livebathorium / Via

    Get it at the Detox Market for $8.95+ (available in two sizes).

    4. This luxe body oil that'll keep you hydrated from head to toe β€” literally! It's packed with goodies (like macadamia oil, ginseng, and vitamin E) that'll moisturize dry hair and tighten and smooth skin. And thanks to a big helping of citrus essences, it also smells amazing!

    Detox Market / Via

    And since it's a dry oil, it'll never leave you feeling greasy or slippery, either.

    Get it at the Detox Market for $42.

    5. These decadent undereye patches that'll help reduce dark circles and fine lines. And if you thought the gold was purely decorative, you're wrong β€” it actually helps to retain heat and prevent the serum from evaporating, which means your skin can drink up more of it.

    @wander_beauty / Via, @wander_beauty / Via

    It's infused with lavender oil to soothe, and aloe vera gel to calm and cool. And the sticky gel layer allows them to adhere to your undereyes, so you can go about your day.

    Get a set of six at Skinstore for $35.75.

    6. This gentle exfoliating peel that's specially designed for sensitive skin, and will help to improve your skin literally overnight. The combination of fruit extracts and glycolic acids are a dream team β€” you'll wake up with softer, smoother, and more refreshed skin.

    @goop / Via

    Get a box of four treatments at the Detox Market for $62+ (also available in a pack of 12).

    7. This soft facial dry brush that'll gently invigorate your skin every morning. Dry brushing is also said to improve skin's texture and help with cell turnover and circulation. What makes this particular brush stand out is the sustainably-forested oiled oak construction and the ethically-collected goat hair bristles. No plastics here!

    @provinceapothecary / Via, @provinceapothecary / Via

    Get it at the Detox Market for $52.

    8. This Caudalie beauty elixir that'll keep that spa glow lasting for days. Invigorating rosemary is great for an afternoon pick-me-up, while soothing rose oil helps fight redness and irritation. And let's not forget about Caudalie's proprietary blend of grape essence β€” one spritz of this delivers instant radiance.

    @caudalie / Via

    It's a fantastic treat for your skin post-workout, or you can use it as an effective makeup setting spray. It's also great as an after-shave. This baby does it all!

    Get it at Sephora Canada for $22+ (available in two sizes).

    9. This nail and cuticle treatment that'll keep your claws looking fierce without any visits to your manicurist. Apply this protein-enriched product like you would a nail polish, and watch as ragged cuticles and weak nails become a thing of the past.

    @dermelect / Via

    The combination of the protein with shea butter, jojoba seed oil, coffee bean extract, and citrus essential oils makes this a powerhouse product for anyone with weak, brittle nails.

    Get it at Skinstore for $20.02.

    10. This antioxidant-rich body serum that's basically a spa treatment for your skin. A few light spritzes is all you need β€” the formula is infused with powerful antioxidants to help promote smoother, more supple skin.

    @oneloveorganics / Via, @oneloveorganics / Via

    It also leaves an incredible glow upon application. And did I mention it smells like a fresh spring garden?

    Get it at the Detox Market for $50.

    11. This Baxter of California artisanal candle whose scent is reminiscent of the great outdoors. With notes of bergamot, vetiver, mission fig, and mandarin, you'll be transported to warmer climes (even if you're currently living in the Great White North).

    @baxterofca / Via

    And it has a burn time of about 100 hours, too.

    Get it at Skinstore for $70.79.

    12. This bath kit that's designed to make self-care easier than ever. Simply pop it open, and indulge in a bath soak, some body oil, or an exfoliating mitt. It even comes with a crystal if you're into that kind of thing.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Get it at Urban Outfitters for $19.99.

    13. This supercharged toner that'll fight dark spots and uneven skin texture, and give you smoother, healthier-looking skin in just a week. It combines high-tech skincare components (like glycolic and lactic acids) with natural, skin-loving ingredients, like witch hazel, sugar cane, and chamomile extracts to knockout those skincare concerns.

    @olehenriksen / Via, Sephora Canada / Via

    Get it at Sephora Canada for $21+ (available in two sizes).

    14. This rose-scented body polish that'll help to slough away any dry, winter skin. It may look pretty, but it works hard, too β€” and the super hydrating combo of coconut oil and shea butter will help to keep your skin moisturized and healthy!

    @herbivorebotanicals / Via

    And it uses sugar to naturally exfoliate (instead of plastic microbeads).

    Get it at Sephora Canada for $47.

    15. This foot-smoothing mask that uses gentle thermotherapy to help get those stompers back in peak condition. Just slip it on like a sock and let it get to work. Within ten seconds, you'll start to feel it warming up, and in 20 minutes, your tootsies will be softer than ever.

    @drjart / Via

    You can also get one for your hands!

    Get it at Sephora Canada for $16.

    16. This skin-relieving rescue spray that's a mist-have for anyone with red, irritated skin. Whether it's a sunburn, allergic reaction, or seasonal dryness, this milky emulsion works hard to cool and calm even the biggest skin freakout.

    @cvskinlabs / Via

    A handy pump spray makes it easy to apply to hard-to-reach places, too.

    Get it at the Detox Market for $50.

    17. This luxurious foaming bath that's scented with lavender, because we're never too old for a good bubble bath. It creates a rich, creamy foam that's perfect for soaking β€” or for creating really excellent foam beards.

    @loccitane / Via

    I love that L'Occitane's lavender essential oil is a protected product, which means that you're always guaranteed to have the highest quality oil from the very best sources.

    Get it at Sephora Canada for $51.

    18. This face and body cupping set that can be used anywhere you're experiencing puffiness or water retention. Cupping also pulls blood to the surface of the skin, improving circulation and speeding up the healing process β€” don't be surprised if you see an improvement in fine lines and scars, too!

    Sephora Canada / Via

    Cupping on the face is even more effective when paired with a hard-working serum, like this one.

    Get it at Sephora Canada for $19.

    19. This cooling cannabis eye gel that's like a tall glass of water for your peepers. It's absolutely stuffed with goodies, like pomegranate seed, green tea, chamomile, gingko biloba, honeysuckle, and cucumber. It's high potency, and extremely pleasant on the skin. What's not to love?

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Don't fret β€” there's zero THC or CBD in this product.

    Get it at Skinstore for $60.06.

    20. This relaxing bedtime spray that's infused with lavender oil (because what else?) and will imbue your space with a sleep-inducing aroma. Just a few spritzes around the room can help you let go of the stresses of the day, and allow yourself to sink into a deep, restful slumber.

    @slipsilkpillowcase / Via

    You can also get the Slip Relax Roller if you really want to kick insomnia to the curb.

    Get it at Skinstore for $27.17 (also available in a larger format).

    21. This OUAI scalp and body scrub that'll help slough off dead skin and build-up from head to toe. Say goodbye to all that dry shampoo that's lodged in your follicles, and to the flaky patches of dry skin left over from winter β€” this sugary, foamy scrub will tackle it all.

    Sephora Canada / Via

    Packed with probiotics and coconut oil, it nourishes, heals, and deeply exfoliates, leaving your entire body absolutely luminous. Plus, it smells like heaven!

    Get it at Sephora Canada for $50.

    22. This caffeinated butt mask that'll combat uneven skin like a BOSS. With ingredients like aloe, orange peel, and goji berry, these sheets only need ten minutes to detoxify and regenerate your cheeks.

    @bawdybeauty / Via

    ~Slap~ it on and marvel at your bootyful behind.

    Get it at Skinstore for $12.87 (also available in hydrating and toning, firming and illuminating, and brightening and rejuvenating formulas).

    23. This ultra relaxing bath bomb that'll help you sink into a nice, deep snooze. The combination of hydrating cocoa butter, with patchouli, ylang ylang, and ground hibiscus flower will leave your skin relaxed, moisturized, and ready for bed.

    @livebathorium / Via

    A hearty dose of Dead Sea salt also helps to detox your skin.

    Get it at the Detox Market for $11.95 (other items from this collection available here).

    24. And lastly, this sleep aid device that'll help you wind down and catch a snooze faster than ever. Using a metronome with a corresponding light system, you'll be guided through Dodow's exercise for eight or 20 minutes before it automatically turns off. And hopefully, you'll be dozing off by then, too!

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Dodow was designed by insomniacs, so you can trust in its efficacy!

    Get it at Urban Outfitters for $59.95.

    Really settle into those ~spa day~ vibes.

    Touchstone Pictures

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