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    53 Of The Coolest And Prettiest Things In The Urban Outfitters Sale Section

    Go forth and save!

    1. This ultra-wide and incredibly fluffy scarf that'll keep you warm and snug in all kinds of weather. Since it's extra long, you can wrap it around your neck a few times if the breeze is a bit brisk.

    2. These rectangular sunglasses that come in shades reminiscent of jelly sandals, and will make you more eager than ever for warmer weather. They're lightweight, easy to clean, and will keep your peepers safe from harmful UV rays.

    3. These glossy black booties that look straight out of The Matrix. Slip 'em on and you'll look ready to take down the system! Or, y'know, just run an errand or something.

    4. This floral cat teapot that's a purrty addition to your tea set-up. The little kitty on the lid acts as a handle, too. I love the larger handle, making it easy to pour scalding liquid (without spilling it everywhere).

    5. This basketball toilet game that'll keep you entertained while you're doing your business. Just mount up your net, lay down the mat, and you're all set. Drain some 3's while you drain the snake!

    6. This jungle print duvet set that'll make your bed feel ~wildly~ comfy. Switching up your bedsheets is a great way to change the look of your bedroom without committing to a new paint colour, too!

    7. This luxurious bath soak that'll turn an ordinary bath into a luxurious spa treatment. It's packed with healing herbs like sage and rosemary, plus epsom salts, grapefruit extract, and eucalyptus oils. A scoopful of this will relax, revive, and rejuvenate!

    8. This glittery copper record player that's vintage inspired and Bluetooth compatible. And if you're just starting out on your vinyl journey, don't fret — this sparkly baby is a great entry-level option if the thought of talking tech makes you sweat.

    9. This Fujifilm mini smartphone printer that'll let you take your favourite phone snaps from URL to IRL. You can even edit the pictures on your device beforehand to make sure they look 👌.

    10. This jade eye mask that harnesses the cooling power of green jade into a weighted eye mask. Like a traditional jade roller, this densely-beaded mask will help to de-puff and decongest your face. But that's where the comparison ends — the weight of the beads applies gentle pressure to your eyes, helping to also alleviate headaches and migraines.

    11. These tufted pillows that'll look super cute tossed on your bed or on the sofa. Now's the time to up your comfort game, friends — and funky pillows is step 1.

    12. This embellished bow hair clip that'll turn even the most boring hairstyle into something Insta-worthy. Forget about fiddling with hair scarves or ribbons — just clip it in and go!

    13. This pout-shaped mirror that'll help you up your selfie game. Hang this baby above your vanity, or even in the entryway. You'll be blowing kisses to your reflection every damn day!

    14. This shiny puffer jacket that's ultra slick, and extra cozy. Look closely and you'll see that it has a ton of tiny details — like inner pockets, a drawcord hem to keep the wind out, and a stand collar.

    15. This bacon bowl maker that's about to rock your world. All you need is a few strips of your fave bacon (veggie, turkey, whatever), and this appliance does the rest. You'll be left with two bowls, perfect for serving literally anything on. Everything is better with bacon!

    16. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tiny pinball game that'll reignite those intense feelings of nostalgia left over after Blockbuster closed down. You can even attach it to your key ring, for entertainment on the go.

    17. This oversized sherpa-lined jacket that's big enough to fit over your fave winter layers, but can also be worn as a spring jacket when temps climb. And if that not enough, it also has pockets — three of 'em.

    18. This fleecy blanket that's huge, fluffy, and oh-so-soft. Use it to keep your tootsies toasty during your next movie night, or layer it over your duvet during chilly nights (psst — it's the perfect size for a queen bed). Plus, it also makes a great housewarming gift!

    19. This reusable lunch tote that's made from washable paper and lined with insulated foil. Unlike some portable meal containers, this one is soft, flexible, and easy to pack in all kinds of bags.

    20. These two-toned FILA pants that'll have everyone doing a ~double take~. Are they green? Are they khaki? Why not both? Spring is the perfect time to experiment with non-traditional outfit options, so ditch the jeans and go with these joggers.

    21. This lovely scented candle that smells like cedar, woodsmoke, and ash, and comes housed in a matte pink jar. I love the minimalist labelling — there's nothing more annoying than a beautifully scented candle in a tacky vessel!

    22. This Western-style metal-tipped belt that'll look trendy as hell cinching your favourite dress, or paired with some high-waisted jeans. Made of super-soft leather, it's designed to fit at the waist to give you an ultra flattering and feminine fit.

    23. This bath bomb-making kit that contains everything you need to create luxurious bath accessories in the comfort of your own home. Let your imagination run wild and finally create the bombs of your dreams — it even comes with an instructional book to help you get started.

    24. This wall-mounted jewelry hook that'll help you stay organized, without taking up any real estate on your dresser or countertop. The handy hooks fit everything from necklaces, to earrings, to scrunchies (if you're into that).

    25. These skull-printed board shorts that go from street to surf in a heartbeat. They're mesh-lined and made of a quick-dry material, too, so you can basically walk off the beach and into your fave burger joint.

    26. This vibrant dinnerware set that's made of durable ceramic — perfect for everyday use! If you're particularly fond of photographing your food, these will make a fantastic background, too.

    27. This translucent Adidas belt bag that's big enough to carry your essentials, but still looking sleek and cool. It's made of a frosty (and durable) plastic that's super easy to clean — so go ahead and take this bag with you to all the summer events!

    28. These floating wine holders that'll let you drink rosé all day (in your pool or heck, even in your bathtub). Slip the glass right into the tube. That's it. It's that easy. Isn't that peachy?

    29. This deluxe shave set that has everything you'll need to give your facial hair the spa treatment. Rummaging through your bathroom cabinet is a thing of the past — this box not only has a razor and eucalyptus-infused shaving cream, but it even has replacement blades and a travel case, if you decide to take your grooming on the go.

    30. This leopard-print laptop sleeve that's made of a plush velvet, so you can even wear it as a clutch on nights out. The lining keeps your tech from getting scratched or dinged, while a handy snap closure stops things from slipping out.

    31. This dainty Popsocket with a real pressed flower(!) inside that'll add a cute floral element to your phone's outfit. I'm absolutely obsessed with these snappy little stands. Not only do they help prevent phone ~droppages~ by about a million percent, but they made holding larger smartphones a lot easier.

    32. These reusable straws that'll help you finally ditch disposable ones for good. And with a cool leopard pattern, you'll find any excuse to whip these out. Iced coffee? Straw. Lemonade? Straw! Plain ol' H20? STRAW!

    33. This reflective basketball that's great for shooting hoops — you know, like a basketball. EXCEPT for the fact that this one is coated in the same reflecting material as biking gear, making it easier to spot in the dark.

    34. A beaded tissue box cover that'll help you dress up that box of Kleenex. Let's be honest, no tissue box has ever really been pretty. But now they all can be! Think of this as a pearly poncho for your sneeze paper.

    35. This vinyl utility bag that easily straps to your chest, and helps to keep your things safe. It's amazing for travel — you'll never have to worry about pickpockets again!

    36. This metallic ceramic pitcher that'll look great pouring a frosty glass of sangria, or stuffed with a bouquet of your favourite springtime flowers. Just make sure you don't put this in the microwave (not sure why you would, but just sayin').