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    41 Lovely Things For Your Home That You'll Never Believe Are From Ikea

    So pretty, and so accessible!

    1. This barrel-shaped glass vase that's beautiful basically all on its own. It's great as a vase, but also makes a wonderful home for terrariums or air plants. Cut your plant stems really short for a denser arrangement, or dip in some long-stemmed foliage and allow it to drape gracefully over the edges for a more dramatic effect.

    2. This rattan basket that's a pretty and eco-friendly alternative to plastic containers. Use it for your sewing supplies, office odds and ends, or even smaller kids' toys. Each one is made by hand, too!

    3. This mirror with a bevelled frame that doubles as a teensy (but handy) shelf for your favourite items. The beautiful walnut veneer blends in with just about every decor style, too.

    4. These tanned leather handles that can be easily attached to any drawer or cabinet. Swapping out handles and pulls is the fastest (and cheapest) way to give your furniture a facelift!

    5. This acacia wood stool that's the multi-tasking seating of your dreams. It's all about the details with this one: Plastic feet protect it from wet surfaces, while the braided seat cradles bums like nobody's business.

    6. This black marble mortar and pestle that's perfect for making salad dressing, pesto, or guacamole. The heaviness of the marble makes smashing ingredients super easy. And you can even flip it upside down and use the cupped base for smaller herbs, like peppercorns.

    7. This pine-top stool that's completely adjustable, and makes for great additional seating when you have more guests on the way and someone JUST claimed the last chair. Each leg can be individually adjusted, too, so uneven floors are a problem of the past.

    8. These elegant wine glasses that'll make savouring that pinot noir a lot more pleasant. They're crystal clear, glossy, and elegantly crafted, while being completely lead free.

    9. This set of five glass containers with cork lids that'll finally give you a neat little solution to all those loose cotton swabs and bobby pins. I use mine as an easy way to store jewelry, so I never have to rummage around in a huge box to find one tiny pair of earrings.

    10. These neat nesting tables that take up minimal real estate, but can easily be taken apart if you're having people over. Slide them all together, and the bottom table creates a secret nook to store things like remote controls or playing cards.

    11. This decorative hourglass that's a cute addition to your home decor. It might not be able to ~accurately~ tell time, but it's trying, okay? Plus, it'll make a great conversation starter at your social gathering.

    12. This powder-coated basket that easily goes from grocery shopping to kitchen storage to garage organizer. The mesh construction allows contents to breathe, so you don't have to stress about anything getting musty.

    13. This work bench that's specifically made to withstand dirt, moisture, and heavy loads. That's what makes it so perfect for high-traffic areas in your home! It would even make a great addition to your kitchen if you're low on counter space.

    14. This multi-coloured shower curtain that'll add a dose of vibrant colour to your bathroom. It's water-repellant, easy to care for, and made of recycled plastic water bottles. What's not to love?

    15. This fully adjustable nightstand that easily conforms to your needs and lifestyle. It takes the guesswork out of matching it to your existing furniture, AND it has a handy little bottom basket where you can store everything from books to remote controls.

    16. This stoneware mug in a blushing pink hue that's designed to look whimsical and handcrafted, while being hardy enough to use every day. The wide, deep cup is perfect for cradling in your hands while you unwind after a long day.

    17. This armchair with an extraordinarily tall back that'll cradle you like a baby. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it's designed to withstand everyday life for years to come. Go ahead and place this in high-traffic areas — it'll keep looking great no matter what you throw at it.

    18. These plush bath towels that'll make performing your morning ablutions 100% more luxurious. They're soft, fluffy, and incredibly absorbent — plus, they'll look fantastic hung up in your bathroom.

    19. This mesh coffee table that doubles as a storage space for your extra blankets and pillows. It's super lightweight, so you can move it around wherever you need a little extra storage. And there's a neat handle on the top surface for easy lifting, too.

    20. This acacia wood spice mill that's sure to ~spice~ up your cuisine. By replacing a traditional stainless steel grinding mechanism with a ceramic one, this mill can handle spices like salt with zero worry about rusting or corrosion.

    21. This rattan footstool that honestly does it all. Side table? Yes. Extra seating? YUP. Secret storage? Of course! And it's easy to assemble, too — just screw in the legs and you're good to go.

    22. This minty green vacuum flask that'll keep your fave drinks at optimal temperature for up to six hours. The rubber washer not only helps to seal in the temperature, but also prevents unwanted spills — that's a win-win in my books.

    23. These cotton bedsheets that are printed with a vintage-inspired butterfly and beetle motif. These sheets will get softer with every wash, too!

    24. This tea towel set that'll brighten up your kitchen (and also give you an excuse to toss those old, stained ones you've been holding onto). And thanks to the dyeing process, they'll stay this vibrant, wash after wash.

    25. This clear glass French press that'll let you make all the coffee you need to get through the day, all in one fell swoop. The double-walled insulation keeps it warm for much longer, too!

    26. This rattan laundry hamper that's a chic alternative to plastic baskets. It even comes with a handy lining that can be removed for easy transport of dirty clothing.

    27. This Teflon-coated frying pan that's suitable for all cooking surfaces — even induction cooktops! It's not only non-stick, but is also designed to create even, energy-efficient heat so your food comes out perfectly every time.

    28. These moody blackout curtains that'll block out all that annoying light and help you FINALLY get some rest. Unlike some blackout curtains that are either really boring or really dark, these ones are a lush emerald colour with a golden leaf motif, so they'll look as great as they function.

    29. This 20-piece set of matte black cutlery that looks sleek and chic without being too ostentatious. Each utensil is made of a single piece of stainless steel, making them incredibly easy to clean — you can even throw them in the dishwasher.

    30. This butcher block cutting board that's made of sustainably-sourced mango wood. It's perfect as a cutting board, but also doubles as a beautiful serving tray. And as a bonus, each board has a unique grain!

    31. This transforming pendant light that changes its shape depending on how dim you make it. Simply pull the cord to make it brighter (or dimmer), and watch as the lamp adjusts into a new, unique silhouette.

    32. This cute ceramic pie dish that's a definite upgrade from the single-use aluminum foil ones you can get at the dollar store. This baby is designed to be used everyday, so go ahead and get creative!

    33. This minimalist watering can that'll look fantastic perched up on your windowsill. A sturdy bamboo handle makes it really ergonomically friendly, and fits all sizes of hands. Hoisting a full can of water has never been easier.

    34. This one-and-done dining set that's comprised of a plate and two bowls, making it easier than ever to set the table. The mismatched colours keep things from looking too boring, while still being cute and coordinated.

    35. This handmade indigo cushion cover that's made by skilled artisans in Northern India. And the cotton fabric is 100% sustainably sourced, making this a decorative item you can feel good about.

    36. This glass carafe with a cork stopper that holds both hot and cold drinks, and is designed to fit in the fridge door. I keep these on our nightstands to ensure we always have water where we need it.

    37. This elegant plant pot that would make a perfect home for any of your leafy babies. Whether you're trying your hand at tropical foliage like monstera or palms, or you just want a place for your basil to grow up big and strong, this pot is just the ticket.

    38. This traditional canning jar in a bright shade of turquoise that can be used for all manner of things. Store cotton balls, keep dry goods fresh for longer, or try your hand at homemade pickles — this jar will handle it all.

    39. This leafy and low-pile area rug that'll fit easily in just about any space. It's also super easy to clean, thanks to its synthetic fibres. But don't worry — it's also incredibly soft on your feet.