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    27 Kitchen Products That'll Keep Your Fridge And Pantry Organized

    *grabs label maker*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A double-sided stand that'll sort your large collection of teas. It won't take a lot of space on your counter or shelf and it's a lot prettier than a jar of mixed tea bags.

    Bed Bath and Beyond / Via

    The organizer has 12 clear bins where you can store over 100 tea bags.

    Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $24.99.

    2. A stainless steel utility cart that'll organize all your kitchen essentials. You can store your favourite cookbooks and appliances for easy access, and the top shelf comes off, so you can also use it as a tray.

    Ikea / Via

    You can find a larger version here.

    Get it from Ikea for $169.

    3. A pair of snack bags that'll become eco-friendly replacements to the plastic bags or aluminum foil you normally use. You can wrap small food items like cheese, fruit, and sandwiches, and use the warmth and pressure of your hand to shape and seal them.

    Simons / Via

    Get a set of two from Simons for $17.

    4. Or a silicone food storage bag that you'll be able to use over and over again. They're a great way to store your favourite munchies or leftovers, and they have an airtight seal, so they won't leak.

    @stasherbag / Via, @stasherbag / Via

    Get it from for $11.99+ (available in multiple sizes/colours).

    5. A glass jar that'll become the cutest way to store your coffee grinds or tea leaves. It'll look like a sprouting plant in your kitchen when it's turned upside down, and the little green stem doubles as a spoon!

    ModCloth / Via

    Get it from ModCloth for $15.

    6. A lid organizer that'll change the way you store your food containers. It has adjustable dividers that'll hold small, medium, and large lids, and keep them all upright.

    @youcopia / Via, @youcopia / Via

    Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $26.99.

    7. A slim container that'll keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks. It has a refillable well at the bottom that'll keep the stems hydrated, so the herbs don't dry out.

    @officialprepara / Via, @officialprepara / Via

    Get it from The Bay for $38.99.

    8. A ceramic jar that'll hold all your baking supplies like flour or sugar. Plus, it has a wooden serving spoon with a groove on the lid to store it.

    H&M / Via

    Get it from H&M for $14.99+ (also available in a larger size).

    9. A tiered shelf that'll transform your chaotic cupboards into an orderly oasis. Now you'll be able to see the cans and bottles in the back row, and it's expandable, so it'll fit almost any cupboard.

    Bed Bath and Beyond / Via

    Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $22.99.

    10. A pair of bowl covers that'll lock in moisture, so your leftovers don't dry out. They'll replace your single-use plastic wrap, and they come in two sizes for small and large bowls.

    Simons / Via

    Get a set of two from Simons for $20.

    11. A metal spice rack that'll keep all your spices within reach when you're cooking. It's slim enough to keep on your counter without taking up a lot of space, and the shelves are deep enough to hold a variety of bottles or jars.

    Wayfair / Via

    Get it from Wayfair for $36.99+ (available in silver and black).

    12. Or a little wooden shelf that's perfect for anyone that has a small kitchen. It'll free up the space on your counter and give you a place to store spices, cookbooks, and other kitchen knickknacks.

    Ikea / Via

    You can find a pack of spice jars here.

    Get it from Ikea for $6.99.

    13. And if you have drawer space, this insert will turn it into a horizontal spice organizer. Reviewers say it helps organize their spices, so it's easier to find exactly what they're looking for when they're cooking.

    Ikea / Via

    You can find a pack of spice jars here.

    Get it from Ikea for $4.99.

    14. A steel wall shelf unit that'll help maximize the space in your kitchen or pantry. It's super durable, and you can adjust the height of the shelves to fit all your food and kitchen appliances.

    Ikea / Via

    Get it from Ikea for $79.98.

    15. A stackable bin and tray set that'll help declutter and organize your fridge, without taking up a lot of space. Plus, they're completely transparent, so you can easily see what's inside.

    The Bay / Via

    Get it from The Bay for $24.99.

    16. A set of food huggers that'll cover your cut produce and keep it from drying out. They're made of silicone and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit anything from apples to bananas.

    Uncommon Goods / Via

    You can find an avocado hugger here.

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $12.81.

    17. A space-saving drawer that'll store all your Keurig coffee pods, so you don't have to keep them in a box. You can easily sort them from light to dark roast, and even place your coffeemaker on top for easy access.

    Bed Bath and Beyond / Via

    The drawer can hold up to 36 Keurig coffee pods.

    Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $16.99.

    18. A glass container that won't absorb odours or change colour like traditional plastic ones. The snap-and-lock lid will prevent food from leaking, and it's also oven safe, so you can use it as a serving dish, too.

    Ikea / Via

    You can find a larger version here.

    Get it from Ikea for $6.49.

    19. Or a food container that'll organize your fruits and veggies and keep your fridge smelling fresh. It'll seal out moisture and control the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide, so your produce will stay fresher for longer.

    @oxo / Via, BuzzFeed / Via

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the Rubbermaid Food Storage Container.

    Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $21.99+ (available in two sizes).

    20. A wooden bowl that'll store all the fruit and veggies that don't need to go in the fridge. It's made of bamboo and will look beautiful on your counter or as a centerpiece on your table.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $14.99.

    21. A rectangular storage container that'll keep your pantry looking super tidy. The button on the lid locks the canisters with an airtight seal, keeping your dry foods fresh AF!

    @oxo / Via

    Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.59+ (available in seven sizes).

    22. A food container that's perfect for storing pantry snacks like cereal, granola, or crackers. It's transparent, so you can see what's inside, and the flip top lid makes it super easy and less messy to pour food into a bowl.

    Bed Bath and Beyond / Via, @oxo / Via

    Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $26.99.

    23. Or a fancy double dispenser that'll display your favourite cereal or snacks in clear jars like a candy shop. The twist-to-open knob is easy to use, so your kids can help themselves, and it has a removable tray that'll make it easy to clean up fallen crumbs.

    Wayfair / Via

    Get it from Wayfair for $53.99+ (available in four colours).

    24. A two-piece container set with a bin that's large enough to hold an entire bag of pet food. The two bins stack easily on top of each other, and they have snap-and-lock lids that'll seal in freshness and keep your pets from breaking in. It also comes with a two-cup food scoop that'll make it easier to measure and serve your pet food.

    Wayfair / Via

    Get it from Wayfair for $50.99 (available in five colours).

    25. A stainless steel bag holder that'll finally give you a place to store all your plastic grocery bags until you're ready to use them again. It can hold up to 30 bags at a time, and has a wide dispenser slot, so you can grab them and go.

    simplehuman / Via

    Get it from The Bay for $22.49.

    26. A steel rack that'll organize the space under your kitchen sink. It has an expandable frame and five adjustable panels, so it'll fit perfectly in your cupboard. Plus, it has two tiers that'll help maximize storage space.

    Bed Bath and Beyond / Via

    Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $49.99.

    27. And finally, a label maker that'll fit into the palm of your hand and help you organize all the jars and containers in your kitchen and pantry. It'll only take a few minutes to create a label and it prints any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

    Alice Prendergast/BuzzFeed

    Get it from for $18.99.

    You in your new and improved kitchen/pantry:

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