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    43 Products That’ll Give You Something To Do When You’re Bored As Heck

    Fill! That! Cart!

    1. A lettering and calligraphy notebook that'll be a nudge in the right direction if your writing looks like chicken scratch. Spend endless hours creating that perfect fancy script and by the end of the week you’ll probably be good enough to craft your BFF’s wedding invitations (congrats on your new side hustle).

    2. A pop culture puzzle that pays homage to the '90s and will give you a healthy dose of nostalgia. It features everything from Friends to the Spice Girls to a Tamagotchi, so it's bound to bring back a few good memories while you piece it together.

    3. A cute little finger skateboard, that comes with mini high-top sneakers, so you can learn how to kick flip and ollie without hurting yourself (move aside, Tony Hawk). I highly recommend crafting your own ramp to take your experience to the next level.

    4. An adjustable silk sleep mask that blocks out every little bit of light so you can sleep long after the sun comes up. Nap city, here you come.

    5. A copy of Journal 29, if you've never met a puzzle or riddle you didn't love. You can check that your answers are correct by scanning QR codes with your phone, so you'll know when you're ready to move onto the next phase.

    6. A Kindle Paperwhite, so that you can finally catch up on all those novels you told your book club you'd read, but didn't actually (sorry, not sorry). Not only is this a more eco-friendly option than a paperback, but it allows you to magnify the font and change the boldness of the text, if you're having a hard time making out the words.

    7. A Nintendo Switch because, let's face it, you deserve a bit more fun in your life. It's small enough to pop in your bag, but you can also connect it to your TV if you want to play it on the big screen.

    8. A scratch-off TV show bucket list that'll give you a whole new list of series to binge. You've probably already seen a handful, so you can start scratching off titles as soon as it arrives.

    9. A monthly expense tracker, if you want to be a bit more productive with your downtime. It has space to jot down and organize your expenses by category, and will help you see the financial impact of day-to-day spending so that you can plan for your future.

    10. A DIY kombucha brewing kit to create your own naturally-fizzy beverages and get those probiotics without spending a small fortune. Spending less money and drinking more booch? Sounds like a win to me.

    11. A pack of velcro cord ties so that you can finally organize your junk drawer (you've been putting it off forever). Reviewers say they're a lot better than rubber bands and zip ties, so it may be time to make the switch.

    12. An electric fabric shaver that'll remove the pilled-up lint that's accumulated on your clothes, carpet, furniture, and sheets. It's so satisfying to use that you'll probably spend hours making over your entire wardrobe with it.

    13. A felt succulent making kit because you can't seem to keep your plants alive, but still want your home to have that greenhouse vibe. This little display is super easy to assemble and is a crafty solution for your lack of a green thumb.

    14. An Instant Pot if you want that use your time off to create some killer meals. It'll replace a ton of your single-use gadgets and generally make your meal prepping adventures a breeze.

    15. And a set of zip-sealed sandwich bags that you can store single portions of your creations in. These won't bleed or break open easily, so you can store soups and sauces in 'em, too.

    16. A Pusheen cross stitch kit that every twentysomething grandma would probably appreciate. It comes with everything you'll need to create a mini work of art.

    17. A set of colourful resistance bands that'll help you get the booty of your dreams without having to schlep your stuff to an actual gym. Just find some fitspo videos on YouTube and get to squatting.

    18. A memory foam massage mat if you need a little R&R. It'll take you to relaxation station by kneading out your entire bod and keeping you toasty warm. Reviewers say it's their secret weapon for back pain and love that they can customize their massages by using the remote.

    19. Speaking of relaxation, a bottle of water-based lube because you can't get bored when you're in the bedroom 😉. To quote Sebastian the crab, "darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me."

    20. A cat butt colouring book that's both hilarious and oddly soothing to fill in. Just grab yourself some pencil crayons and get to finding your zen.

    21. Or a daydream colouring book that's just plain pretty. If you want to amp up your art skills, you could even try copying some of the line drawings in the book freehand.

    22. A compact bread maker, because making your own loaves will save you some serious dough (and trips to the bakery). It can even delay baking time, so you can wake up to freshly baked bread in the morning or come home to a piping hot loaf after work.

    23. A rainbow fidget ball for when you're too bored to function, or just need to occupy your hands. All you do is scramble the coloured balls inside, then figure out how to get them back into their matching slots. It may sound easy, but it takes some practice to get right.

    24. A sturdy universal phone mount that is every lazy person's dream. Clip it to your bed, your desk, or your breakfast tray and hands-free stream or FaceTime to your heart's content.

    25. A bronzey makeup palette if you've been dying to try out some new looks, but haven't had the right tools. You may need the help of a YouTube beauty guru, but you've got everything you need to get you started.

    26. A handheld grout scrubber, if you want to put your energy into making your bathroom sparkle. Reviewers say it does an awesome job with just a bit of vinegar and baking soda.

    27. And a bottle of wood restoring solution that removes everything from water rings to light scratches. If your furniture has been put through the wringer, this may be the solution to your problems.

    28. A handy label maker that you can use to organize your entire home and mark your territory (buzz off, roommates). It also comes in super handy for labeling meal-prepped lunches, if you're into that.

    29. A leatherbound bullet journal that you can fill with all the thoughts that are floating around in your head or turn into a planner to organize your life. This will keep you from staring at your phone (which you probably should be doing less of, anyway). Check out this guide on how to bullet journal to get you started.

    30. A pocket-sized game of Kanoodle that'll keep you entertained everywhere you go. It's meant to be played solo and has over 100 puzzle challenges, so you'll never get bored.

    31. An Alexa-enabled Echo Dot that'll become your electronic personal assistant and answer all your stupid questions if you've got no one to talk to. It's also a speaker, so you can use it to catch up on podcasts or listen to playlists.

    32. An instructional yoga mat that'll walk you through every pose so you can do a full class without hitting up a fitness studio. Reviewers love how thick it is and say it's great for beginners.

    33. An adult paint by numbers kit of Yosemite National Park that'll help you find your inner Bob Ross. It comes with all the paint and brushes you'll need to get down to business, so all you need to do is grab your smock and beret.

    34. A freehand semi-permanent tattoo kit so that you can give having a sleeve or ankle design a go without fully committing. It'll still last for a few weeks, so you may want to use a stencil before going over it with the ink.

    35. A Click and Grow garden, if you want to start gardening, but don't want to enter the great outdoors. It's a super low-maintenance herb and vegetable patch that'll have you feeling like a seasoned botanist without even trying.

    36. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook, because you're ready to leave your past in the dust and want to see what the rest of 2020 holds for you.

    37. A bestselling espresso machine if you really want to learn how to craft your own espresso beverages and are ready for a splurge. Yes, this bad boy does cost a pretty penny, but you'll never have to buy another latte or macchiato again.

    38. A pack of colourful origami sheets so that you can learn how to turn plain ol’ paper into art. Reviewers love the mix of patterns and bold colours and say it's the perfect thickness for the job.

    39. A copy of Crafting With Cat Hair that'll teach you how to turn furballs into masterpieces. It includes guides on everything from mittens to finger puppets, so start lint rolling your couch and collecting.

    40. A KitchenAid stand mixer that'll turn you into a baking wizard. Not only will this baby look great on their countertop, but it'll also take the hard work away from their digits, making it easier to whisk, stir, fold, and everything in between.

    41. A jar of thinking putty that you can play around with while you're trying to decide what to do next. Reviewers say the colours are super mesmerizing and that it really helps ease stress.

    42. A guitar chord poster that’ll teach you all the basics. Steal your roommate/dad/partner's guitar and get to strumming — by the end of the week, you'll probably be as good as Slash.

    43. And finally, a bestselling personal foot bath to give you the pedicure of your dreams in the comfort of your own home. It even has removable massage rollers to give you the ultimate spa experience.

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