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    27 Products If You Love Home Decor, But Hate Spending Money

    Cheers to being frugal!

    1. A set of wood and marble coasters that are so pretty, you and your guests will actually remember to use them. Now you won't risk getting rings on your furniture or have to rely on folded-up paper towels to do the job.

    A stack of wooden coasters tied up with twine.

    2. A set of stick-on constellation wall decals that'll give your room a dose of celestial style and make it look like you actually spent hours wallpapering your apartment. If you can't catch a glimpse of the starry skies from your apartment, plastering your ceiling with these is the next best thing.

    A wall covered in metallic star and constellation decals

    3. A banana leaf tapestry that'll give your room a healthy dose of greenery, without giving you the responsibility of becoming a plant parent. You can also use it as a table cloth, if you're throwing a dinner party and want to spruce up your spread.

    A bed in front of the banana leaf tapestry on a bedroom wall

    4. A glass jewelry dish that'll hold all your trinkets and treasures while you sleep. Now you might actually remember to remove your rings so that they don't get lost in your sheets (my actual nightmare).

    A ring dish filled with a perfume bottle, various rings, and a bracelet

    5. A moon-shaped macrame wall hanging that'll instantly turn your "meh" bedroom into a dreamy boho oasis. It comes with string lights, so it'll add a little ambiance to your space after the sun goes down, too.

    A moon-shaped wall hanging displayed on a wall

    6. A set of metallic placemats that will save your table from getting covered in sauce splotches and stray bits of food. When you're done eating, just wipe them down with a damp cloth and they'll look good as new.

    Four metallic placemats on a table with a vase of flowers and dinnerware

    7. A budget-friendly pinch pleat comforter set that'll add a bit of elegance and texture to your boring bedroom. Reviewers love how lightweight it is and say that it holds up well, even after being put through the wash a few times.

    A bed with the pleated comforter and shams on it

    8. A pack of chalkboard labels that you can use to pretty up your spice jars and pantry bins. They're waterproof, meaning you don't have to worry about them getting splashed with salad dressing or sink water.

    A person peeling off a chalkboard sticker from the sticker sheet

    9. A mid-century modern-inspired pet food bowl, because TBH a lot a of pet products are pretty ugly and this one won't mess with your home decor vibes. Thanks to its wooden stand, it won't slip and slide around, so little morsels of kibble won't end up everywhere.

    10. A set of oversized cactus wall stickers that'll make your room look like the most gorgeous desert you ever did see. Reviewers say the decals are super sticky, but easy to reposition, if you want to switch up their placement.

    Four cactus wall decals on a bedroom wall behind a bed and nightstand

    11. A hexagonal record holder that'll save your vinyls from piling up on your floor. It can sit on the ground or be screwed to a wall, if your landlord doesn't mind you making minor renovations.

    A person putting a record into the hexagonal record holder

    12. A brass clothespin photo hanger that you can clip all your favourite pictures to. Now you won't have to plaster your walls in tape to create a stellar photo display and you can swap them out whenever you want.

    A clothespin photo display hanging above a desk

    13. A pair of patterned fabric storage bins that you can use to store all your random things and miscellaneous doodads that you've accumulated in your home. They collapse down into flat squares, making them easy to store when they're not in use.

    Three fabric storage bins in a cube organizer

    14. A pack of aesthetically-pleasing tile decals that'll give your bathroom walls or kitchen backsplash a total makeover. They're waterproof and heat resistant, so they won't get messed up when you're kicking back in the tub or cooking at high temps.

    15. A set of cement succulent pots that will inspire you to grow a garden in your apartment. They have drainage holes in their bottoms to keep your plants healthy and come with bamboo saucers, so that no excess dirt or water will find its way onto your furniture.

    six succulents inside the cement succulent pots

    16. A pair of apothecary bottles, if all the mismatched, multicoloured bottles in your shower drive you bonkers. They have wide mouths, so you'll easily be able to decant your shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, and soaps into them.

    Two apothecary bottles behind a sink

    17. A set of ultra-soft microbfibre sheets that'll keep your bed looking its best, even when it's too hot to cover it with a duvet. It's available in a ton of different patterns and colours, so you're bound to find one that suits your style.

    18. A set of terracotta pinch bowls that'll have you serving up dips and condiments in style. If you want your guests to think of you as an true artiste, you can totally lie and tell them that you crafted them yourself in pottery class.

    A set of terracotta pinch bowls with various spices and ingredients inside of them

    19. A roll of faux wood contact paper that'll make anything you apply it to look like you scored it a vintage auction. You can use it on your countertop, laptop, furniture, and pretty much anything else.

    20. A set of decorative stationery organizers that'll make you want to keep all of your pens, papers, and gadgets organized instead of throwing everything in a junk drawer. It comes with a magazine holder, mail sorter, pen holder, and tray, so there'll be a home for everything on your desk.

    The matching magazine holder, mail sorter, pen holder, and desk tray on a desk

    21. A pack of fake tropical leaves that are made of fabric and will make your home look like a greenhouse, but require zero watering or attention. The stems are totally flexible, so you can make them fit into almost any plant pot or vase.

    Fake tropical plant leaves in two vases on a table

    22. A set of glowing flameless candles that won't melt down into nothingness after a few uses, unlike regular wax candles. They're controlled via a remote, so you can easily turn them on or off, dim them, or make them flash.

    Three flameless candles surrounded by rose petals

    23. A set of prism wall decorations, if you're on the hunt for fun wall decor alternative to tapestries and canvases. Pro tip: They look even more awesome if you weave a few air plants into them.

    The wall behind a bed covered in six prism wall decorations.

    24. A marble vanity tray that'll make your bathroom counter or vanity look a lot fancier. It's great for holding lotions and potions or displaying your favourite baubles on.

    Jewelry laid out on the marble tray

    25. A sturdy pyramid wine rack that'll hold your petite collection of vino. It fits perfectly on a countertop, and will save you a ton of space, so you won't need to sacrifice cooking real estate to give all your bottles a home.

    Six wine bottles in the wine rack

    26. A set of gold stirring spoons that are so adorable, you'll want to display them in your kitchen. Reviewers say that they aren't super deep, meaning they're great for adding a sprinkling of sugar or topping a drink with cinnamon without going overboard.

    Five floral teaspoons on a plate

    27. And finally, a cozy faux sheepskin rug that'll instantly make any room in your home more stylish and conceal your less-than-perfect apartment flooring. Reviewers say it's super soft and love that it doesn't shed or have a weird chemical-y smell.

    A faux sheepskin rug on a chair

    You looking at your new home decor accessories:

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