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    27 Products Under $30 That’ll Make Cheap Stuff Look More Expensive

    Upgrading doesn't have to be expensive.

    1. A set of sturdy hairpin table legs that'll instantly turn your boring coffee table or vanity into an actual work of art. Reviewers say they're easy to install and that they're strong enough to hold heavy tabletops and dressers.

    2. A set of gold double-glide shower hooks that'll make your dollar store shower curtain look a little more chic. They'll hang your curtain and liner on different prongs, making them easier to remove or switch out.

    A set of gold shower hooks holding up a shower curtain

    3. A roll of stick-on window privacy covering that'll block out harmful UV rays and keep your nosy neighbours from peeping into your home. They're transparent enough to let the light in, so you won't be stuck living under the cover of darkness at all times.

    A window decorated with privacy covering

    4. A hand-operated label maker that you can use to mark your territory (buzz off, roommates) and keep your entire pantry organized. With a quick flex of your palm, it'll print out aesthetically-pleasing little labels that'll make your storage boxes, meal prep containers, and everything in between Pinterest worthy.

    5. A pack of adhesive tangerine wall decals that'll make it look like you actually spent hours wallpapering your apartment. Reviewers love how easy it is to reposition them, so they can constantly switch things up.

    A table and chair in front of a wall covered in tangerine decals

    6. A pack of floral stencils that you can use to hand-print designs onto your jewelry, furniture, and everything in between. They're totally flexible, so you can even use them on curved surfaces, too.

    7. A pack of crystal knobs that you can use to replace the boring ones that came on your dresser and nightstand. They're cut like diamonds, so they'll shine and reflect colours when the light hits them just right — you may even see a double rainbow in your own home!

    The crystal knobs on dressers and closets

    8. A roll of chalkboard sticker paper that can turn pretty much any flat surface into a blackboard. Use it to write your grocery list, label your charcuterie board, or as a blank canvas for your kid's next great artwork.

    9. A set of stick-on vanity lights that'll brighten up your makeup station, so you're never stuck trying to do winged liner in the dark. They'll also make your mirror look like it belongs in an A-lister's dressing room, so you'll feel like a star every time you get glam.

    10. A bottle of itty bitty edible stars that'll make your sweet treats look like they were delivered from a high-end bakery. Now even your weakest attempts at making dessert will end in greatness (at least from a visual standpoint).

    11. A pack of patterned drawer liners that'll make your scratched-up dressers and cupboards look fancy as heck. They have a fresh linen scent, so they'll keep your home smelling great, too.

    Two drawers lined with patterned drawer liners

    12. A ceramic marble desk organizer that you can use to hold your makeup brushes or smaller stationery products. Reviewers say it's sturdy, so you can pack it with products and not worry about it toppling over.

    A marble desk organizer with pens and a pair of scissors inside

    13. A textured throw blanket that can be used to cover up a stained couch or bedspread and will leave your room looking effortlessly chic. It has over 3,300 positive reviews and people rave about how comfy and lightweight it is.

    The textured throw blanket draped over a sofa

    14. A pair of apothecary bottles, if all the mismatched, multicoloured bottles in your shower drive you bonkers. They have wide mouths, so you'll easily be able to decant your shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, and soaps into them.

    Two apothecary bottles behind a sink

    15. A pack of LED strip lights that'll brighten up the dark corners of your home and give your lighting situation a serious upgrade. They're remote controlled, and you can change the colour, mode, and brightness with just the touch of a button.

    16. A pack of aesthetically-pleasing tile stickers that'll give your bathroom walls or kitchen backsplash a total makeover. They're waterproof and heat resistant, so they won't get messed up when you're kicking back in the tub or cooking at high temps.

    A bathroom wall covered in the stick-on tiles

    17. A set of satin pillow cases that'll make you feel like you're staying at a five-star hotel when you crawl into bed at night. They're also cooler to sleep on than cotton alternatives, making them great for the summer months.

    18. A rope plant basket that you can use to hide a boring terracotta pot. Reviewers say that it's the perfect size for snake plants and other large upright plants.

    19. A pack of glitter paint additive that you can use to make your walls or ceiling sparkle. It's simple to apply: just mix it in with your paint of choice and get down to business with your brush.

    20. A cozy faux sheepskin rug that'll instantly make any room in your home more stylish and conceal your less-than-perfect apartment flooring. Reviewers say it's super soft and love that it doesn't shed or have a weird chemical-y smell.

    A faux sheepskin rug on a chair

    21. A pack of super-pigmented metallic acrylic paint markers that'll work on paper, stone, porcelain, plastic, fabric, metal, wood, wine glasses, and pretty much every other surface. They have ultra-fine tips, so they're great for doodling tiny details.

    A person writing on a mug with a metallic paint pen

    22. A faux fur throw pillow cover that you can use to pretty up your office chair or living room sofa. It'll add a bit of texture to your space and is soft enough to cuddle with when your dog is rudely ignoring you.

    A faux fur pillow on an office chair

    23. A pack of glowing fairy lights that will make your bedroom or living room look downright dreamy. They're remote controlled, so you don't even need to get up to make them twinkle.

    Fairy lights and photos hanging on a wall behind a bed

    24. A roll of water-resistant marble contact paper that'll make anything you apply it to look like a million bucks. You can use it on your countertop, laptop, furniture, and pretty much anything else.

    25. An acrylic storage container with two pockets for your bathroom essentials and a top tray for baubles. If you buy multiples, they fit together like Lego blocks.

    26. A pack of gold vintage-inspired corner protectors that'll instantly elevate the look of a table or door. Reviewers say they're great for smaller pieces, like picture frames and decorative boxes, too.

    Three metal corner protectors on a wooden table

    27. And finally, a roll of faux wood film that you can use to make your thrifted furniture look good as new. Reviewers say it's super easy to apply, but recommend using a hairdryer on the corners to keep those lines crisp.

    A dresser covered in dark wood film

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