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    43 Five-Star Products That Have Thousands Of Positive Reviews On Amazon Canada For A Reason

    You don't earn five stars doin' nothin'.

    1. A handy eyeliner stamp that'll give you that perfect flick without trying too hard. This set comes with two dual-ended, waterproof pens that have a brush at one end and a stamp at the other (one for your left eye and one for your right).

    2. A night sky projector that'll turn your entire room into a celestial sanctuary. It has a ton of gorgeous effects that you can cycle through and is waaaaay cooler than a nightlight.

    3. A pack of tie-free shoelaces that'll transform your favourite sneakers into slip-ons. Reviewers say they make shoes super easy to slide on and off and won't loosen if you break into a sprint.

    A pair of Adidas with tie-free shoelaces on them

    4. A foldable Squatty Potty that'll put your body in the perfect squat position and basically make you a pro at pooping. Reviewers say the way it corrects your toilet posture keeps everything flowing the way Mother Nature intended.

    5. A bottle of skincare oil that helps to fade scarring and prevents dry skin. Reviewers say that they even use it to treat their hair and leather handbags, so you'll get plenty of bang for your buck.

    A person putting Bio-Oil on their thigh while wearing a swimsuit

    6. A grass drying rack that'll keep all of your clean dishes upright and save your countertop from becoming a swamp. It'll also add a splash of green to your kitchen, even when all your houseplants have died.

    The grass drying rack with baby bottles drying on top of it

    7. An electric fabric shaver that'll remove the pilled-up lint that's accumulated on your carpet, furniture, and sheets. You can also use it on clothes, which is obviously a major win.

    8. A YETI travel mug to make even your wildest outdoor adventures aesthetically pleasing. It's vacuum insulated, so your drink won't go hot or cold on you in two seconds (important when you're facing a heat wave or blizzard).

    A person opening a bag with a blanket and two YETI mugs inside

    9. A pack of eyebrow razors that'll shape your brows, shave away fine hairs, and smooth your skin (a triple whammy)! Reviewers say they're also awesome for removing peach fuzz and won't irritate sensitive skin.

    10. A percussive back massager that'll knead out your knots, and make your aches and pains melt away. It comes with six different massage heads, giving you options when it comes to texture.

    11. A pack of mess-free slow cooker liners so that you don't have to clean your entire appliance every time you make soup or stew. They're super durable and won't break, even if you're making a huge batch of something.

    A slow cooker with two liner bags inside of it

    12. A Waterpik that's easier to maneuver and more effective than regular floss. It uses water to blast away gross stuff between your teeth and below the gum line, leaving you with a seriously clean mouth.

    A Waterpik sitting on a sink beside the faucet

    13. A classic WetBrush, because getting out of the shower with a head full of tangles is zero fun. It'll breeze through your hair without ripping or pulling at strands, wet, damp, or dry.

    A WetBrush sitting on faux plant leaves

    14. A pair of textured pet-brushing gloves, so that you can groom your four-legged friend by petting them. Reviewers love how soft they leave their pets' fur and say that they're a great alternative for animals who loathe metal brushes.

    Cat hair covering half of the palms on a pair of pet-brushing gloves

    15. A microwave egg cooker that can make an omelet, and poach and scramble eggs, too. Reviewers say that it gets the job done in under a minute, so you won't have to wait long for your breakfast.

    16. A container of gel cleaning putty that you can use to peel the dirt off your keyboard, car dashboard, air conditioner, and pretty much everything else you own. It feels like slime, so it's super fun to use, too.

    17. A revolutionary TubShroom that’ll trap hair before it goes down the drain, keeping it clog-free. This gadget will probably save you from hiring a plumber and fighting with your roommate over who's going to clean all of the gross stuff out of your bathtub.

    A TubShroom in its packaging and a TubShroom covered in hair

    18. A set of lightweight microfibre sheets that are super breathable, making them perfect for sweaty summer nights. Reviewers say they stay unbelievably soft, even after being washed over and over again.

    19. A pack of lavender-scented dog poop bags made with recycled materials, because you don't need to create waste with waste. They're extra thick and strong, and won't split open when you're carrying a full load.

    A box of poop bags on a leaf-patterned background

    20. An Instant Pot that'll keep you from buying a bunch of single-function appliances and make your meal prepping adventures a breeze. If you like making no fuss, no muss-style meals, this will be your new favourite gadget.

    An Instant Pot with macaroni inside

    21. A pair of absorbent microfibre car-washing mitts that'll make scrubbing down your ride an absolute breeze. They have elastic cuffs, so they don't slide off your paws while you wax on and wax off.

    A person scrubbing the hood of their car with the washing mitt

    22. A roll of adhesive cork covering that you can use to line your drawers or stick your memos to. Reviewers say the peel-and-stick design makes it super easy to apply.

    23. A pack of washing machine tablets that are more effective than bleach and will save you from having to scrub down your entire machine. All you need to do is throw one in, set your washer for a regular cycle, and let it do its thing.

    A person putting a washing machine tablet into their washing machine

    24. A bottle of clothing dye that'll help you revamp your entire wardrobe and give your brights a boost. It works on natural fibers, synthetics, polyester, and acrylic blends, and reviewers say it's great for restoring stained carpets.

    Five bottles of clothing dye lined up in a row

    25. A lettering and calligraphy notebook that'll turn your chicken scratch writing into beautiful, loopy letters. It'll teach you how to master five different alphabet styles, so you won't just be a one-trick pony.

    A letting and calligraphy notebook on a table with a pen and paper clips

    26. A stovetop espresso maker to help you turn out barista-grade drinks in under five minutes. Now you won't have to spend all your money on mochas and macchiatos — you can just make them at home.

    A person using the espresso maker to pour coffee into a mug

    27. A tub of retinol moisturizer infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to target dryness and fine lines. Reviewers say a little goes a long way and that it leaves their skin feeling smooth, silky, and hydrated.

    28. A pair of moisture-wicking compression knee socks that'll get your blood circulating while you're working up a sweat. Reviewers say they help reduce swelling and are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

    A person running on a dirt road while wearing the compression socks and shorts

    29. A set of cruelty-free makeup brushes that are made from renewable bamboo and have luxury-quality bristles. Reviewers love how soft they are and say that you get great value for your dollar.

    A set of five brushes displayed on a table

    30. A steering wheel tray that clips right to your car, so you can eat your drive-thru dinner at an actual table. It's sturdy enough to support the weight of a laptop, if you want to get some work done in your car, too.

    The tray table attached to a steering wheel inside of a car

    31. A copper-lined wrist support brace that'll help heal injuries, aid arthritis pains, and relieve pretty much any other aches your hands may have. Reviewers say it offers a solid amount of support and is super comfortable to wear while playing sports and typing.

    A person typing on their laptop while wearing the wrist brace

    32. A handy slidable tracker that'll remind you to feed your four-legged friend(s). It’s a must-have for anyone who shares dog duties with a partner or roommate.

    A slideable tracker next to a lightswitch on a wall

    33. A roll of frosted film that'll block out harmful UV rays and keep your nosy neighbours from peeping into your home. They're transparent enough to let the light in, so you don't have to live under the cover of darkness at all times.

    34. A pair of quilted pillows that are fluffier than clouds (I have them and can vouch for this). Reviewers love that they don't flatten out over time and say they're a great option for side sleepers.

    Two quilted pillows stack on top of each other on a bed

    35. A pair of Bose Bluetooth headphones that are more lightweight than most over-ear headphones, so you can wear them comfortably for hours. They have clear, crisp sound and are designed with an advanced microphone system, so you can take hands-free calls even when it's windy as heck.

    A person adjusting the volume on the Bose Bluetooth headphones

    36. A four-tier shoe rack that'll keep your entryway from becoming a sea of chaos whenever you have company. Reviewers say it's a cinch to assemble and love that it has enough room for all their footwear (it can hold up to 16 pairs of shoes).

    A four-tier shoe rack with eleven pairs of shoes on it

    37. A pair of orthotic inserts with firm arch supports that are designed for people with flat feet, runner’s knee, shin splints, and Achilles tendinitis in mind. Reviewers say they offer immediate relief and allow them to walk for hours without feeling discomfort.

    A pair of orthopedic inserts and their box

    38. A foam roller to make your muscles a little happier after working out. Foam rolling can help with balance, strengthening, and flexibility exercises, and may just save you an expensive trip to a physiotherapist.

    39. A pack of Command strips that'll help you hang artwork on your walls without drilling any holes (you're welcome, landlord). Reviewers love that they work on almost any surface and say they don't rip off paint when you remove them, so you don't have to do any patching jobs.

    A person putting a Command strip on the back of a frame

    40. A stove cleaning kit that'll make your cooktop look good as new in just a few minutes. Just apply the cream to your burners, wait a few minutes for it to sink in, and then scrub away the gunk with the spongey cleaning tool. For super stubborn messes, you can scrape off build up with the razor.

    The brush, razor, and glass cooktop cleaner sitting on top of a stove

    41. A bottle of fresh-scented dry shampoo, because, let's face it, you're not setting foot in the shower today. Reviewers say it's also great for adding volume to limp locks, so you can use it for styling on days when you're trying to look more put together.

    A person spraying Batiste dry shampoo

    42. A dishwasher magnet that'll save you from waging a war against your roommate or partner for throwing their dirty plate in with your clean, beautiful dishes.

    A dishwasher magnet stuck to the front of a dishwasher

    43. And finally, a petite Bluetooth speaker with over 28,000 positive reviews that's tiny enough to tote around in your bag. Reviewers say it's super loud for its size and can fill your whole home with its sound.

    A Bluetooth speaker sitting on a car dashboard next to a phone

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