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    41 Practically Genius Products Your Parents Would Be Proud Of You For Owning

    Make your life less of a mess.

    1. A bottle of miracle liquid cleanser that can be used on copper, tile, ceramic, porcelain, and stainless steel. It'll help you clean your entire apartment without a thousand different sprays and gels, and probably save you some money, too.

    A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend being held up in a kitchen

    2. A magical toilet stamp that cleans away stains and rings with every flush. It's also scented, so your bathroom will always smell fresh, no matter what goes on in there.

    A person stamping the inside of their toilet with the toilet stamp

    3. A set of collapsible laundry hampers that'll encourage you to separate your darks and your lights, so your clean clothes never come out the wrong colour. They have soft cloth handles on all sides, making them easy to carry to your laundry room.

    Laundry hampers labelled "Dark" and "Light" beside a sofa

    4. A magnetic 2-in-1 meal planner pad and grocery list that'll make sorting out what to buy and cook an actual breeze, so you don't end up giving up and ordering takeout (again). It's got a perforated line down the centre, which makes it easy to tear off your grocery list to take with you.

    A person ripping off their completed grocery list from the planner pad

    5. A pack of dry cleaner sheets that are safe to use on special care clothing and will probably save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. They remove odours and stains, and releases wrinkles, leaving your clothes looking good as new.

    6. A pair of chic blue light blocking glasses so that you don't hurt your precious peepers by staring at screens all day. They help protect against eye fatigue, dry eyes, and vision falling, plus they'll make you look stylish as heck.

    7. A pair of blind spot mirrors that'll give you a better view of your surroundings, so you stay safe and sound while you're cruising. Reviewers say they're especially great for parallel parking (if it's not exactly your strong suit).

    A blind spot mirror showing a wide view of the road on a highway

    8. A set of durable bag holders that makes stowing away shopping bags, purses, and garment bags a cinch. They clip right onto your car headrests and will ensure that your backseat doesn't turn into a floordrobe.

    A shopping bag and a hand bag hanging on the back of a car headrest

    9. A pack of Windex cloths that'll remove fingerprints, smudges, and smears from your doors, mirrors, tables, and everything in between. Reviewers say they don't leave streaks and are a lifesaver for car windows (just leave a pack in your glovebox).

    The packaging for Windex wipes with a freshness lock to keep the sheets moist

    10. A budget planner packed with bill-tracking spreads, spending logs, and budget-savvy checklists, so you can track your saving and spending, and make realistic financial plans. It comes with sheets of colourful stickers, so you can brighten up your notes, and has a pocket for receipts and important docs.

    11. A set of bamboo bottle and straw brushes that'll keep your hard-to-clean essentials from getting gunked up. They have long handles, making them easy to maneuver, so you can get at every nook and cranny.

    12. A set of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets that'll make cleaning up messes in hard-to-reach places a lot easier. They're more flexible than the OG Magic Eraser, meaning you can get them into tinier nooks and crannies.

    13. A set of good quality kitchen knives, because you won't become the pro chef you were destined to be with dull tools. They're ultra-sharp, but you may want to invest in a sharpener to keep them in tip-top shape (your parents would be proud you owned one of those, too).

    The five knives laying on a cutting board with steak, garlic, mushrooms, and spices

    14. A 2-in-1 toilet plunger and squeegee that pushes out clogs in one swift movement and cleans your toilet bowl, too. Reviewers say it's way more effective than a classic suction plunger and works on bowls of all shapes and sizes.

    15. A tub of stain-removing powder that can be used on clothes, carpets, upholstery, decks, gutters, and more. Reviewers say it's their holy grail laundry product because it leaves their white clothes whiter and their coloured clothes brighter in just one wash.

    A tub of Oxi Clean stain remover sitting in a laundry basket full of clothes

    16. A receipt catcher with a built-in notepad that'll help you keep track of where you're spending your dollars, so you can start making better decisions. Now you won't have to sift through the chaos at the bottom of your bag or check your online banking app to figure out why you're in the negatives.

    The receipt catcher opened to show the accordion file, pen, and spending tracker

    17. A mini power scrubber that's basically an electric toothbrush for all your home cleaning needs. Reviewers say it's great for scrubbing gunk out of grout and tiles, and is even awesome for shining tarnished jewelry.

    18. A bottle of stain and odour eliminator that'll get rid of pet messes and smells in just a few spritzes, so your home stays fresh 'n' clean. It works on pee, poop, vomit, and pretty much every other gross thing your pet does.

    A bottle of odor destroyer being held up in front of a sleeping puppy

    19. A hanging compression bag that'll magically shrink your clothes and help keep your closet clutter free. Congratulations! You can finally pack away all your winter coats and ski jackets to make room for sundresses and shorts.

    A before and after comparison of jackets hanging out of the compression bag and inside of the compression bag

    20. A microfibre spin mop system that'll make banishing spills, dirt, and grime from your floors a total walk in the park. It has over 2,500 positive reviews and reviewers say it's great for cleaning textured tiles (like, better than a steamer) and that the adjustable handle makes it great for people with back problems.

    21. A set of flexible silicone lids that you can stretch over bowls to seal in flavour. It comes with six different sizes that fit everything from cans of tuna to giant mixing bowls.

    Silicone lids covering bowls, pots, jars, and fresh fruit of all shapes and sizes

    22. An over-the-cabinet organizer that'll keep your prep surfaces and baking sheets from creating a cluttered mess in your kitchen cupboards. It's also great for bathroom supplies, if your heat tools or cleaning essentials are taking up too much real estate right now.

    The cabinet organizer hooked onto the back of a cupboard door, holding cutting boards and a muffin tin

    23. A set of Hallmark cards for all occasions, so that you're always prepared for a birthday, surprise pregnancy announcement, anniversary, or anything else that might come up. Reviewers love how each card is unique, so you're never stuck giving away duplicates.

    A medley of greeting cards with various colours, textures, and messages on their fronts

    24. A container lid organizer for all your food storage stuff, so that no bottom is ever without a top. It comes with five adjustable dividers, so you can give each style of lid its own home.

    A bunch of plastic lids organized by size in the container lid organizer

    25. A fridge-friendly container set that uses ventilated lids to keep all of your pre-cut produce fresher for longer. Now you won't have to throw all your fruits and veggies in the compost because you're a slow eater.

    26. A pack of silicone scrubbing gloves with textured palms that'll make chores like washing your tub and doing your dishes easier than ever before. Reviewers love how thick and durable they are, and say you can't even feel hot water through them.

    Silicone gloves cleaning a car, dishes, and sink tap

    27. A sunrise-simulating clock, so that you actually wake up at a reasonable hour. It mimics the progression of an actual sunrise by gradually increasing in brightness over the course of 30 minutes and is much less annoying than a beeping alarm.

    The alarm clock changing from an orange glow to bright white light

    28. A lined chore list that'll remind you to do all the things you don't want to do. It has sections for what needs to be done, where it needs to be done, and who needs to do it. Plus, it comes with a shopping list to keep track of what you need to stock up on.

    The first page of the chore list on a table with a pen next to it

    29. A set of drawer organizers that'll help you get your floordrobe in order once and for all. It comes with four organizers, each with internal cell dividers, that'll keep everything looking Marie Kondo-level tidy.

    30. A flexible coil brush that'll help you get every speck of dust, pet hair, and lint out of your dryer and vents. It has a rubber tip to save your appliances from getting scratched up while you clean.

    A before and after photo showing the massive amount of lint this brush picked up in a dryer

    31. A basic 39-piece household tool kit that comes with everything you'll need to make small repairs around your apartment, so you never have to call in a repair person for pointless projects again. Reviewers say you get great value for your money, and that it has everything you'll need to tackle little problems.

    The open tool kit showing all the tools locked in place

    32. An over-the-door drying rack that can hold up to 20 pounds of clothes and will save you valuable space in your laundry room. Reviewers say it's great for dorm rooms and smaller apartments that don't have a ton of floor space.

    Bras, nighties, and yoga pants hanging from the over-the-door drying rack

    33. A bottle of leather conditioner that'll breathe a second life into everything from your couch to your computer chair. It can also be used to protect new leather, so go ahead and slather it on your bags, furniture, and everything else you own.

    A before and after comparison showing a dirty computer chair and a chair that looks brand new

    34. A machine-washable microfibre duster that'll trap all those pesky dirt particles, leaving your space cleaner than ever. If you've been sneezing up a storm thanks to all the gross stuff floating around your home, it may be time to invest in one of these.

    35. A full Ring home alarm system that comes with a free Echo Dot. It sends alerts to your smart phone via a free app when doors or windows open or motion is detected, so you'll always feel safe sleeping alone at home.

    36. A floral accordian file to keep your tax stuff together, so that nothing goes MIA before you meet with your accountant (or try to navigate the CRA website solo). It has five expandable pockets and is large enough to fit standard sized documents, so you don't have to scrunch or fold any of your paperwork.

    37. A whisper-quiet robotic vacuum that will suck up every last crumb on your floor so your home stays spotless and sparkling at all times. It has over 10,000 positive reviews and people say it's great for picking up pet hair.

    The robot vaccum picking up seeds and oats off hardwood floor

    38. A stackable weekly pill organizer that’ll keep all your tablets and capsules in order. Now you might actually remember to take your vitamins.

    39. A rubber broom that can rid your carpets of pet hair, squeegee your windows, and clean up spills on your floors. Reviewers love how it's not just a one-trick pony and say it works better than any regular broom they've tried.

    40. An ergonomic gap-cleaning tool that'll get all up in your home's impossible-to-clean nooks and crannies (I'm looking at you, window frames and shower door tracks). The opposite end is a scraper, which is great for tackling hardened debris.

    41. And finally, a Waterpik with over 17,000 positive reviews that's easier to maneuver and more effective than regular floss. It uses water to blast away gross stuff between your teeth and below the gum line, leaving you with a seriously clean mouth.

    The Waterpik sitting on a sink next to the faucet

    Your parents next time they come to visit you:

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