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    27 Home Decor Products That’ll Give Your Apartment A Major Glow-Up

    Because you’re kinda bored of your place.

    1. A tiny UFO-shaped succulent holder that'll be a cute 'n' quirky addition to any shelf in your apartment. The inside of the pot is glazed, so it won't get messed up if water seeps through.

    A person holding the UFO pot with a succulent inside

    2. A leopard print door mat that'll give you a place to de-muck your shoes when you get in from an adventure. It's made with coconut fibres, so it's more eco-friendly than synthetic alternatives (cheers to living a low-waste lifestyle!).

    A pair of Vans sneakers on the leopard print mat

    3. A set of woven coasters that are so cute, you'll actually remember to use them. Kiss those annoying water rings on your table goodbye, because you're an adult now!

    A person holding a pair of coasters in front of a plant

    4. A non-toxic soy wax candle that smells like a heavenly mix of vanilla, cinnamon, and cream. The metal canister it comes in is super sleek and will mesh with any colour scheme, so you can place it in any room of your home without messing with your decor vibes.

    The candle surrounded by stacks of pancakes and sugar cubes

    5. A velour floor pillow, if you want to add more seating to your living room without investing in another armchair. It has a leather strap that makes it easy to carry from room to room.

    6. A copper boob-shaped hanger that'll become the breast place to store your baubles. It's made of sturdy industrial steel, meaning you can load on the jewels and not worry about it getting weighed down.

    The breast hanger surrounded by vines

    7. A vintage-inspired rug that'll jazz up your boring hardwood floor. The bottom side is coated with no-skid backing, so you won't accidentally go surfing on your carpet.

    The carpet laid out in a bedroom, surrounded by a rocking chair, toys, and a bed

    8. A set of ultra-soft microbfibre sheets that'll keep your bed looking its best, even when your duvet is in the wash. It's available in a ton of different patterns and colours, so you're bound to find one that suits your style.

    The flat sheet and pillowcase on a bed

    9. A rustic clay ring dish with your zodiac sign and constellation engraved right into it. Now you can safely store all your trinkets and treasures while you sleep. Heck, if you've got a lot of baubles, you may want one for your rising and moon signs, too.

    Five zodiac ring dishes surrounded by succulents

    10. A leather desk mat that'll replace that ratty old mouse pad you've been using forever. It'll cover almost your entire desk, so if you've got any scratches or notches you want to hide, this will be your stylish knight in shining armour.

    A keyboard, mouse, and bowl on top of the leather desk mat

    11. This colourful macrame wall hanging that'll instantly turn your "meh" bedroom into a dreamy boho oasis. Thanks to the bright design, it'll also add a pop of colour to your space.

    12. A set of adhesive wall tiles that'll breathe new life into your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls. They're heat and humidity resistant, so you don't have to worry about them warping after a hot shower or cooking sesh.

    A kitchen backsplash covered in the stick-on tiles

    13. A duvet cover set with a textured half-moon design that'll give your sleeping situation some celestial flair. It has a line of buttons at the bottom that'll keep your comforter locked in place (and won't come undone in the night like some zippers).

    14. A minimalist photo stand that'll help you display all your treasured memories, without covering your home with frames. Because it's compatible with pics of all sizes, you can even use it to show off your Polaroids.

    Several photos and a plant in the holder

    15. An oversized pouf that'll replace the dilapidated bean bag chair you've been hauling around since college. You can prop it up against a wall or lie it flat to create a spare bed for guests (who doesn't love a multipurpose product?).

    16. A petite glass vial that you can turn into an adorable lil' propagation station for your plant clippings. Thanks to its size, you can display it on a slimmer windowsill or ledge.

    Plant clippings in the vial vase

    17. A set of velvet curtains that look way more expensive than they actually are. Reviewers say the pastel shades let a tiny bit of light through, so you won't be stuck living under the cover of darkness at all times.

    18. A seagrass basket that's a chic storage solution for magazines, throw pillows, and random doodads. It can also be used to disguise a boring terracotta pot, if you want to give one of your plants a prettier place to call home.

    19. A cactus wall hanging that'll give your room some dreamy desert vibes. You can also use it as a table cloth, if you're throwing a dinner party and want to spruce up your spread.

    20. A set of metallic placemats that will save your table from getting covered in sauce splotches and stray bits of food. When you're done eating, just wipe them down with a damp cloth and they'll look good as new.

    Four metallic placemats on a table with a vase of flowers and dinnerware

    21. A rustic-chic paddle coat rack that's equal parts stylish and functional. The solid wood hooks are sturdy enough to hold sporting equipment, so you can use it for more than just jackets.

    22. A pack of chalkboard labels that you can use to pretty up your spice jars and pantry bins. They're waterproof, meaning you don't have to worry about them getting splashed with salad dressing or sink water.

    A person peeling off a chalkboard sticker from the sticker sheet

    23. A macrame plant holder that'll make even your plastic plant pot look like a million bucks. It's made of recycled cotton, which is a little easier on the environment than synthetic blends.

    24. A pair of pom-pom throw pillow covers that'll brighten up your den or bedroom. They're stain resistant, so you won't need to stress if you get a bit of makeup or food on them.


    25. A pack of glow-in-the-dark star stickers that'll make your apartment glow when the sun goes down. If you can't see the night sky from your place, these are the next best thing. You can even use them to craft your own constellations!

    A bedroom ceiling peppered with glow-in-the-dark stars

    26. A handmade hoop wall hanging that'll give any room a modern, boho feel. It looks awesome solo, but can really jazz up a gallery wall, so go ahead and surround it with framed prints and posters.

    Two wall hangings hung up

    27. And finally, a concrete staircase planter that'll be a step up from the plain old pot you're currently working with. You can also use it to store itty-bitty stationery supplies at your desk, like paperclips or thumbtacks.

    You looking at your newly redecorated apartment:

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