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Things You May Not Know About 10 Foreign Languages

While the rest of the world is busy learning English in addition to their various official languages, many of us native English-speakers know nothing about some of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Prepare to be smothered with knowledge!

Alex Reichert 6 years ago

9 Things You Can Do To Get Inspired

Imagine walking around feeling inspired all the time, inspiring everyone within striking distance of that twinkle in your eye, and breathing inspiration into every hopelessly negative situation you encounter. Think how obnoxious and irritating you’d be to all the cynics you know. How great would that be?

Alex Reichert 6 years ago

11 Reasons To Live In Seoul, Korea

Seoul is an amazing place to spend some time, if you don't mind living a stone's throw away from North Korea's evil dictator, part-time Cartman-impersonator, and hyphen-enthusiast Kim Jong-un.

Alex Reichert 6 years ago

The 5 Stages Of Unemployment

Experiencing unemployment is a lot like going through the 5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. The only difference is that when you're unemployed, these stages occur in reverse order.

Alex Reichert 6 years ago