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11 Reasons To Live In Seoul, Korea

Seoul is an amazing place to spend some time, if you don't mind living a stone's throw away from North Korea's evil dictator, part-time Cartman-impersonator, and hyphen-enthusiast Kim Jong-un.

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1. K-pop

We’ve reached a point in history where you can’t swing a piece of kimchi without hitting someone dancing “Gangnam Style,” so most of the world has recently become aware of the K-pop phenomenon. With cell phone shops on every corner blaring music, you'll be in K-pop heaven.

3. Plastic surgery capital of the world

South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgery in the world, along with some of the best doctors and top-notch technology. You can't walk a block in Gangnam without getting the feeling that you just saw the same girl walk by a half dozen times.

4. Weird pizzas and amazing fried chicken

For whatever reason, Koreans have a knack for frying chicken to perfection at ridiculously cheap prices. And don't be surprised to encounter a pizza smothered in corn, sweet potato, and shrimp, among other things.

5. Insanely cheap and quick public transportation

The base fare for a cab is roughly $2.50, so you can imagine how cheap the bus and subway are. You can also get a T-money debit card for all forms of public transportation so you need never worry about cash. It's so convenient I could puke.

8. Watch professional gamers on TV

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One of the reasons Korea has the fastest internet in the world is because they take their gaming very seriously. The sight of hangul (Korean writing) in a game of StarCraft has the power to make any international online gamer soil themselves.

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