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24 People Who Realized Their Mistake Juuuuuust A Second Too Late

If you've ever fallen for "updog," this one's for you.

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1. The image curator:

2. The multitasker:

3. The Microsoft Word expert:

4. The deep thinker:

5. The person who finally fell for it:

6. The parent:

7. The geography student:

8. The Marvel fan:

9. The foodie:

10. The milk ripener:

11. The legend:

12. The deep-sea explorer:

13. The zoologist:

14. The art appreciator:

15. The English major:

16. The ambassador:

17. The LGBT ally:

18. The interior decorator:

19. The chef:

20. The Elder Scrolls fan:

21. The tech wizard:

22. The communicator:

23. The enjoyer of orange juice:

24. The theatergoer:

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