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    23 Pictures Of Kittens That Are Almost Too Cute To Exist

    It's a cold, cold world out there. But at least we have kittens.

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    1. Listen, the world is full of heinous problems and stray garbage fires.

    2. But then again, kittens have found a way to persevere.

    3. My guyyyyyyyyy. You're an inspiration to us all.

    4. *unintelligible squeam*

    TBS / Via

    5. Your smile, kitten. It is debilitating.

    6. *legit wheezing*

    7. Why worry when you can watch a kitten nap, ya know?

    8. This cat-shaped kitten blanket will get you through the day.

    9. If they can find comfort, so can we, right??

    10. If they can be intrepid, always ready for new adventures, why not us?

    tigeroglillemor / Via

    11. Sometimes their f'n cuteness is all you need.

    12. I mean, REALLY.

    13. Those green kitten eyes will bring light into the dark recesses of your soul.

    14. With kitten-like bravery, you could accomplish anything.

    15. Your beacon of hope.

    16. Your reason to get up in the morning.

    17. I mean, just watch this fluffy weirdo meow. I promise it's worth it.

    18. The fact that this little nugget exists alone should be enough for you to make it through the slings and arrows of today's drudgery.

    19. Ahhhhhh, hey bud!! I'll never be sad again, promise.

    20. Just look at this perfectly splotchy lil' guy.

    21. Too fierce for words.

    22. *devolves into whimpering*

    23. Thank you, kittens, for all you do.

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