23 Signs You Are Still Obsessed With “Gossip Girl”

And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.

1. You still categorize the people you know as “Chucks,” “Dans,” “Nates,” “Serenas,” and so forth.

Warner Bros. Televsion / Via gossipgirl.wikia.com

If you ever meet a Nate, marry him. And if you ever meet a Vanessa, run away.

2. Your headband game is still strong, even after all this time.

Warner Bros. Televisin/ goandgoo.blogspot.com

Warner Bros. Televisin/ goandgoo.blogspot.com

Warner Bros. Televisin/ goandgoo.blogspot.com



3. You genuinely thought “Royals” was about Blair.

4. You either dream of having or already have had lunch on the steps of the Met.

And everyone who sat below you was a peasant.

5. You can’t look at purple menswear without thinking of the man who started the trend.

Warner Bros. Television/ tvfanatic.com

Warner Bros. Television/ fanpop.com


6. You’ve honestly wanted to respond “because I’m Chuck Bass” to someone who questions your actions.

Warner Bros. Television / Via hmmmprettygoodpleadin.tumblr.com

7. You categorize your outfits based on whether or not it’s a Blair or Serena look.

Warner Bros. Television / Via whathefuckhaveyoudone.tumblr.com

Or a Vanessa but like, no.

8. You can’t hear Kristen Bell’s voice without thinking of those ridiculous intro voiceovers.

Warner Bros. Television / Via giphy.com

9. And whenever anyone signs XOXO on a card, you hear her voice in your head.

Warner Bros. Television / Via kawaii-wallpapers.blogspot.com

“Ex-oh-ex-oh…Gossip Girl.”

10. You still hold a grudge against Michelle Trachtenberg because of all the pain she caused in her role as Georgina.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via ourjane.blogspot.com

11. And you also have a deep-seated distrust for the royal family of Monaco.

Warner Bros. Television / Via uesgossip.tumblr.com


12. You’ve used the “Savannah and Svetlana” ruse to seem more interesting in bars.

Warner Bros. Television / Via tvfanatic.com

13. Your knowledge of the New York social scene is completely informed by whether or not they were mentioned in an episode.

Warner Bros. Television / Via accessableart.wordpress.com

Like when Patrick McMullan had an entire episode revolve around his photographs. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

14. You know that Eric Van der Woodsen was the ONLY character who had any idea what was going on during the entire run of the show.

Warner Bros. Television / Via confusinglaughs.tumblr.com

15. You still think that the Empire Hotel must be the coolest place in the whole world.

But… but that’s where Chuck lives!

16. You subtly name-drop Lincoln Hawk as one of your “fav bands” to see if anyone notices.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via fanpop.com

As far as fake 90’s band names go, it’s pretty darn convincing.

17. You side-eye Taylor Momsen’s music career because you know she really ought to give that all up and move back in with Rufus.

Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images

18. Every Thanksgiving, you hold out the hope that some life-changing event will happen to your family but it’s always super normal and that bothers you.

Warner Bros. Television / Via vulture.com

No full-on family blowout? No kiss and make up at a diner on the Upper East Side? No waffles?

19. You can’t look at a pie without thinking about one of two things: the pie binge or… Chuck Bass.

Warner Bros. Television / Via ggbygossipgirl.tumblr.com

20. You have friends that you not-so-secretly consider your minions.

Warner Bros. Television / Via tvfanatic.com

And your #1 is totally your Dorota.

21. To this day you (and Nelly Yuki) have nightmares about Blair yelling at you for wearing tights as pants.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via only-gossip-girl.tumblr.com

22. You think that Blake Lively’s lifestyle website is really just Serena trying to stay active on the blogosphere now that GossipGirl.com is down for good.

Preserve / Via pagesix.com

23. And of course, you view Leighton Meester and Adam Brody’s wedding as the ultimate Gossip Girl/The OC crossover episode come to life.

Charles Sykes/Invision / AP

Blair and Seth 4 ever <3

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