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18 Cool Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google

Who knew you could use Google to play Lego? (H/T this Imgur post).

1. Translate symbols or characters by drawing them.

2. Get a calorie comparison of your favourite foods.

3. Set a timer.

4. Tackle geography trivia.

Using the new Google Maps tool Smarty Pins, you can take on Google in a geography trivia game in which you will be asked questions with location-based answers, and you will answer by placing a pin in the world map. You can try just general knowledge or tackle specific categories like science or sport.

5. Split a bill and calculate the tip.

6. Filter your Gmail.

7. Discover how popular different words are.

8. Play zerg rush.

9. Find and download loads of cool fonts for free.

10. Learn how to pronounce massive numbers.

11. Plan your wedding.

12. Easily find out the week's football fixtures.

13. Play Atari Breakout.

14. View art from galleries all over the world.

15. View and play all the old doodles.

16. Explore the universe.

Google Sky uses images from the Hubble Telescope and NASA Satellites to let you delve into the far reaches of our universe. You can explore galaxies millions of light years from Earth, learn about astrological signs, and even listen to space-related podcasts.

17. Take a journey through Middle-earth.

18. Play with Legos.