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    24 Things To Organize All The Miscellaneous Stuff Lying Around Your Home

    Get ready to get organized!

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    1. A hanger stacker, because I'm pretty sure you're currently dealing with an absolute mess of hangers at the bottom of your closet or tossed in a bin somewhere. Now you can hang up all those gorge spring dresses without struggling to free a single hanger.

    2. A 24-pocket door-hanging sleeve that'll turn the task of organizing into a simple process. It's super versatile and can be used for a wide range of objects like cleaning products, charging cords, and pantry items.

    3. A pack of space-saving, vacuum-sealed bags to decrease the original volume by 80% so you can store a ton of large items like those 40 random fleece blankets you have lying around your house from the winter.

    4. A U-shaped shelving system for your cabinets, because you probably have some expired items that can be tossed (hello, old medicines lying around your bathroom). These shelves stack on top of each other and come in different heights to accommodate various sized bottles.

    5. An expandable shelf to finally organize that messy space under your sink where things just pile up with zero order. This is a great solution for cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and random bathroom supplies.

    6. A bakeware holder for cupcake tins, cutting boards, pot lids, and any other items you usually throw into a kitchen cabinet and pray they don't come crashing down. The rack has a no-scratch coating so it won't damage the items you choose to store.

    7. A sleek ashwood monitor raiser that'll give you more desk space by providing fun little pockets to store your multiple notepads and accessories. There are two removable dividers that'll let you customize how large you want the compartments to be.

    8. A wall rack ideal for every mop and broom currently leaning somewhere in a closet corner. It'll lift everything off the floor and provide a place to hang rags and dustpans.

    9. A roll of magnetic tape you can fasten inside of a drawer to collect loose bobby pins, batteries, and nails. It can also be used to mount different objects (like white boards) to walls.

    10. A gift bag and wrap organizer to make every holiday, birthday, and special occasion a breeze. With 10 pockets, you'll be able to store rolls of wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbon, bows, cards, and really anything else you'll need to wrap like a shopping mall pro.

    11. A storage ottoman perfect for shoes, sweaters, sheets, and literally anything else you may have lying around your floor. It'll also double as extra seating and free up space on The Chair where you dump everything.

    12. A plastic bag holder so you can finally become a civilized human being and stop storing random-sized plastic bags within other plastic bags underneath your sink. Yes, we do it too.

    13. A customizable utility door rack to keep items out of the way that otherwise wind up on the top of your dresser or maybe even the floor (think backpack, umbrella, hats, or a wallet).

    14. A set of containers for your medicine cabinet so you never have to second guess where your pain relievers, cotton balls, or makeup brushes are.

    15. A four-piece organization set including four under-shelf baskets. You can use them for food wrap, different boxed foods jammed in your pantry, desk items, magazines, or notebooks.

    16. A drawer organizer for utensils, desk accessories, or tools. You can mix and match which you want in each drawer, so the customization process is entirely up to you.

    17. A hanging jewelry organizer with 32 clear pockets and 18 hook closures so you can see exactly what you have while keeping all of your rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from taking over the top of your dresser.

    18. A triple storage bin for sports equipment so you're never again running around the house before your child's soccer practice frantically looking for their ball.

    19. A refrigerator rack so you can declutter your kitchen counters. It'll hold your paper towels, dish rags, salt and pepper shaker, and those other miscellaneous items that seem to hog space.

    20. A waterproof cord case, because wrapping all your wires and just shoving them into a drawer is messy! Now each one has its own space so you don't have to worry about tangles.

    21. A two-tier shelf that'll help you get the most out of tight corners. You can stack spices, vitamins, and even tubs of protein powder.

    22. A steel bike rack, because we all know that leaning bikes on top of each other is a poor way to store them. Instead, hang them! This one can hold up to five bikes.

    23. A rust-resistant steel pegboard to make any handy individual squeal with glee. All mounting hardware is included, so don't be afraid of assembly. It can even be mounted into sheet rock.

    24. A carabiner so you have one (and only one) spot to collect hair ties. Your wrist can only hold so many!

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