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    30 Things That'll Make Your Day-To-Day Life Easier

    Your life is about to get a whole lot less stressful.

    1. A migraine relief stick for anyone who has experienced the pain of a really, really bad headache. It has a mixture of peppermint, spearmint & lavender essential oils to relieve tension when that afternoon migraine hits.

    2. A pimple extractor kit (with seven stainless steel tools) so you can safely rid your skin of blackheads and whiteheads during your daily pick, because using your fingers can be damaging and lead to scarring.

    3. And if one pimple just won't quit, a hydrocolloid acne-absorbing patch to suck out all the pus and gunk. Forget those days you spent stressing over the event of your most recent breakout.

    4. Mesh laundry bags that'll help separate lights from darks and delicates from non-delicates to keep laundry organized. That way, you can just pop the bags into the machine instead of desperately searching for items at the bottom of your bin.

    5. A weekly 2019 planner with monthly grids, because a more organized life often equals an easier, less hectic life. And if things are still hard, at least you are prepared to face it head on with your neat errands and reminders list.

    6. A set of bag handles so you can carry grocery and shopping bags, plus dry-cleaning in one trip instead of five. The weight'll be distributed evenly to keep your pinky fingers from literally snapping off.

    7. Blue light–blocking glasses for reducing digital eye strain. If you sit in front of a computer for hours on end, then these are for you! They can leave your eyes feeling less dry and tired by filtering out short wavelength blue light emitted by screens.

    8. An automatic shutoff safety outlet to prevent the daily panic attack when you realize you might have left something on that *definitely* should have been turned off before you left the house. Like a curling or straightening iron, for instance.

    9. A bracelet tool so you can fasten jewelry clasps quickly and efficiently without contorting your hand into a finger-numbing position.

    10. A pet feeding reminder that's both magnetic and sticky so you can mount it on whatever visible surface you have to accurately keep track of when exactly you last fed your beloved pet.

    11. A seat gap filler to keep change, credit cards, rings, and French fries from plummeting into the black hole that exists between your seat and the center console.

    12. An anti-slip solution for anyone who's constantly nagged by sliding glasses during a busy workday. These silicone grips are soft and flexible for everyday wear.

    13. Balancing caps varying in size so you can screw them onto almost any bottle (like dressings, lotions, and soaps), store them upside down, and use every last drop to get your money's worth.

    14. A lens and screen cleaner, because having foggy eyeglasses or computer screens is the most frustrating thing. This one is 100% alcohol- and ammonia-free.

    15. A set of interlocking organizers to keep that infamous junk drawer clean so you don't have to spend an hour searching for a pack of nails, Tide pen, or super glue.

    16. A rubber jar opener that'll provide a sturdy grip so you can actually open a sauce jar on the first try. Plus, there are no moving parts to break, so you can count on this opener to last you a longggg time.

    17. Clear silicone lids to keep leftovers fresh and easily identifiable while in your fridge. They're stackable, stretchy, and microwave-safe so you can bring them to work without having to worry about spills.

    18. Travel-sized antiperspirant wipes you can use to freshen up mid-day without having to worry about foamy residue.

    19. A portable charger with built-in lightning cables to juice up your devices twice as fast as regular wall chargers, so you never again have to experience the dreaded low battery.

    20. A 10-in1 tool that'll function as pliers, wire cutters, flat- and phillips-head screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a file, a hammer, and a mini-saw. AKA, when life decides to break something on you, you'll be fully equipped to fix it.

    21. Bobby pins in a compact case so you can stop diving into your black hole of a purse to find that single bobby pin you swore you threw in earlier.

    22. Leather cable straps to wrangle the wire jungle that exists on your desk and in your bag. No more time wasted untangling headphones when you just want to listen to your favorite podcast.

    23. A wall-mounted mail holder with four key hooks so you have someplace to place your keys at the end of the day, making the next morning less stressful when you don't need to tear apart your home looking for them.

    24. A key cover so those with multiple sets can easily identify which is which without having to fumble around.

    25. A mini steamer that'll heat up in under two minutes so you never leave the house a wrinkled mess. This little gadget will disperse steam evenly and shut off when the water stock is low.

    26. An eyeliner stamp, because spending time in front of the mirror trying to perfectly match your wings is so darn frustrating. Those with shaky hands can finally get the sharp edge they're looking for — this stamp will provide equal wings each and every time.

    27. And to get that eyeliner (and other makeup) off at night hassle-free, a Makeup Eraser cloth to remove everything with only the use of water — it's truly a wonder.

    28. A handbag light so you can actually see what you're reaching for when you need to quickly grab your keys after a trip home at night. This one has a sensor to light up when motion occurs (like your hand reaching in).

    29. A brush with soft, flexible bristles that'll get knots out of wet or dry hair without ripping puffs out, so your styling time won't be a painful experience. It'll also work on all hair types, no matter how thin or thick.

    30. A 10-piece ceramic cookware set so you can whip up literally anything and everything in your kitchen with easy cleanup. The entire set is non-stick, dishwasher- and oven-safe, and suitable for all cooking surfaces.

    Get ready to live your life like Elle Woods!

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