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    8 Life-Changing Things To Try In December

    Because we tried them for you in November.

    1. A (stylish!) pair of blue light-blocking glasses to help prevent eye strain caused by looking at a computer screen all damn day.

    2. A splurgeworthy, non-eyesore Frigidaire dehumidifier for anyone whose home could stand to be a little less, well, humid. Be gone, condensation!

    3. A long-lasting and extra sudsy DishFish sponge that proves that everything really *is* better under the sea.

    4. A travel pillow to cradle your head like the precious cargo it is during your next long flight, bus ride, or car trip.

    5. A pack of socks. A pack of plain socks. A pack of just plain *awesome* socks.

    6. A spicy honey that may change how you eat every single meal of the day.

    7. Hair drying gloves for anyone who's trying to avoid using a blowdryer (hair damage!) but is also a very busy person who doesn't have all day.

    8. A portable projector to turn your living room into your very own in-home movie theater.

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