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The ABC's Of Having A Crush

Always Be Crushing.

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Look, 96.3% of any crush is spent waiting. When will your crush text you? When will your crush come online? When will your crush declare his or her undying love for you from a rooftop during sunset while a million triumphant violins play? (So why not make the first move? No? Ok.)


D is for "date."

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What counts as a date? How do you know the difference between a date and just general hanging out? Should you try to make out? Do you end this with a hug? If you touch your crush, will you pass out?


H is for "happiness."

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Because you feel happy every time you think of your crush while at the very same time wondering if you will ever feel true happiness again. It's invigorating and aggravating and hopelessly confusing, all at once.


Y is for "YISSSSS."

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Because they finally asked you out and you smiled and accidentally yelled "yisssss" instead of "yes" because you're so nervous and relieved and excited and about to explode into a million spinning cartoon hearts.