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Zendaya Will Be The Youngest Person Honored With The CFDA Fashion Icon Award — And These 23 Outfits Show Why

Lewks deserving of the CFDA Fashion Icon Award.

You're here for the 'fits, so I'm not going to hold you too long. We both know Zendaya is fine. We both know her looks are incomparable. And now, we both know she will soon officially become the youngest person to ever be honored with the CFDA Fashion Icon Award.

Who is surprised? Just look at the material:

1. The 25-year-old actress, Emmy winner, and philanthropist has recently been serving look...

2. ...after look...

Zendaya poses on the red carpet in a knit long-sleeved top with matching long skirt

3. ...after look...

Zendaya wore a top made of chains with a checkered skirt as she posed next to Timothee Chalamet who wore a floral-printed suit

4. ...after look while making appearances ahead of her upcoming movie Dune, which she costars in beside Timothée Chalamet.

Zendaya in along  shirt dress paired with an open blazer

5. One of my personal favorites from the Dune run is this breathtaking leather gown by Balmain, which has a wet appearance and fits as if she just stepped out of water.

6. Her red carpet appearances for Marvel's Spider-Man movies are no different.

Zendaya in a long gown with a billowing scarf

7. As our modern Mary-Jane (aka MJ), Zendaya clearly understood the assignment with this spidey-themed gown.

Zendaya posed on the red carpet in a sequined gown with a red top half and a black bottom half reminiscent of the colors of Spiderman's suit

8. Tom Holland's shook facial expression is me.

9. I've been looking for Prince Charming, and tbh, I found her.

10. She can't even cross the street without looking like a masterpiece.

Zendaya wearing a short strapless dress in a bright citrus color with a matching headband

11. And who could forget all of her Met Gala costumes? From her go as a dashing knight for the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination theme...

Zendaya posing on the Met Gala steps in a chainmail dress with armor detail

12. ...to channeling nature-inspired art for the Comme des Garçons theme...

Zendaya wore an off-the-shoulder ballgown printed with parrots and flowers

13. ...and truly staring camp in the eye when she reimagined herself and her stylist Law Roach as Cinderella and her fairy godmother.

Law waving a smoke-emitting want to turn on the lights built into Zendaya's Cinderella ballgown

14. I'm not 100% sure what she was going for with this one, but I appreciate the glam and commitment to trying every hairstyle in the book.

Zendaya wore a form-fitting sequined one-shoulder dress with a bowl cut hairstyle

15. A sun goddess looking down at her peasants.

Zendaya wore a hi-lo halter dress with sunburst detailing on the skirt and matching sunburst bangles and headband

16. As Shawn Mendes would say: "It's giving Cher."

Zendaya at the Oscars in a strapless flow-y gown with a cutout on her abdomen and long hair

17. Every redhead looks good in green.

Zendaya at the Emmys in a strapless dress with a sheer corset top and a thigh-high slit

18. Zendaya is unafraid to play with prints, silhouettes, and odd shapes with puffy sleeves.

Zendaya accepting an award in a puffed long-sleeved v-neck dress

19. She's given us a million iconic fashion moments...

Zendaya at a Lancome event in a low-cut floor-length dress with vertical sequined piping on the bodice

20. ...like this armored breastplate she wore to the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards.

Zendaya in an armored breast plate with matching floor-length skirt

21. It's why she's being named a Fashion Icon.

Zendaya at an event in a long see-through blouse with plant like details on the sleeves and bottom of the blouse with dark pants

22. Because she truly deserves it.

Zendaya poses in a gown made to look like a butterfly wing

23. I mean, she wore THIS to GQ's Men of the Year Awards. Pshhhhh. Men could NEVER.

Zendaya in a multi-colored Grecian-inspired one-shoulder dress with a thigh-high slit and short train

Which look is your favorite? Or did I forget an iconic Zendaya moment/outfit? Let me know in the comments.