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    Jay-Z Deleted His Instagram Account, And I'm Convinced It's Because Y'all Asked Him About Dinner

    Beyoncé is once again following no one. 🙌🏽

    Life moves fast, but Jay-Z moves faster. After breaking the internet by joining Instagram and becoming the only person followed by his iconic wife, Beyoncé, Jay-Z has now deleted his account.

    Jay-Z smiling

    Yup, you read that correctly. Within the span of like 24 hours, the rapper-turned-mogul signed up for the app that we've all started to give up on, earned a verification badge, amassed over 2 million followers, and...dipped.

    Jay-Z holding a glass of champagne and smiling as he stands outside in a suit

    Since his swift departure, fans on Twitter began speculating about why Hov decided to bless us with a rare social media appearance before exiting. Some believe his sole purpose was to promote The Harder They Fall, a recently released Western movie Jay-Z produced, which stars Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz, Jonathan Majors, Regina King, LaKeith Stanfield, and more.

    JAYZ activated his Instagram for the sole purpose of promoting #TheHarderTheyFall. He fulfilled his contractual agreement and deactivated. A business man.

    Twitter: @nuffsaidny / Via Twitter: @nuffsaidny

    The idea is plausible, especially considering how Jay's first post was a plug for the film, and he also shared a countdown for the movie's premiere on his story.

    Other guesses lean into humor, with one user thinking people flooded Jay-Z's DMs with nonsense.

    Y’all are so embarrassing, TF were y’all DMing Jay-Z for him to delete his IG after 1 Day?!!!

    Twitter: @tinaqueen_15 / Via Twitter: @tinaqueen_15

    Personally, I bet a lot of you finally made that infamous dinner request.

    For the most part, though, people just made jokes:

    The fact Jay-z had his Ig for only 24 hours and then deleted it has me screaming . That man was like …never mind

    Twitter: @Sincereshy / Via Twitter: @Sincereshy

    @BriMalandros Jay Z after being on Instagram for two hours

    Twitter: @misseverywhereg / Via Twitter: @misseverywhereg
    Twitter: @_ariannabarron / Via Twitter: @_ariannabarron

    We may not know why Jay-Z left Instagram, but one thing is for sure. The world has righted itself, and Beyoncé is once again following no one.

    Beyoncé'S follower count

    Blessed be.