Jay-Z Just Joined Instagram, And He Can Already Claim A Status No One Else Has

    "I love how Beyoncé isn’t shy to promote small and growing artists!!"

    Last night, Jay-Z quietly joined a little social media platform called Instagram — approximately nine years too late.

    Jay-Z waving to the audience at his induction to the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    What's more is that he can claim an honor no one else has: Beyoncé now follows one person on Instagram instead of zero for the first time, and it's — of course — her recently Hall of Fame–inducted husband.

    Beyoncé's follower count on Instagram showing she has 216 million followers but only follows one account

    Overnight, the handle @jayz received verification (duh), as well as 2 million followers — which are sure to keep climbing as the hours progress. His profile picture is a headshot of him prior to his fame, rocking a gold chain and grillz.

    Jay-Z wearing a pastel suit and smiling while he stands outside with a glass of champagne

    The only information currently in his bio is a link to his 2008-founded entertainment company Roc Nation, and his first image is a promotional poster for The Harder They Fall, a Black Western flick he co–executive produced.

    It's rare to see the rapper and media mogul on social media. After his induction, he gave a few shoutouts on his rarely used Twitter account, joking about losing his password to the platform.

    In my excitement , I failed to prize, and acknowledge JAZ-O, he was the hometown hero that made the dream tangible . Thank you good man… ok let me lose this password for another year or so . Thank you all again , incredibly humbled by your love .

    Twitter: @sc / Via Twitter: @sc

    Given his relative privacy on social media, fans were shocked to see the 51-year-old on Instagram. Here are some of the best reactions to the news below:

    Their relationships getting kinda serious omg!!!!! https://t.co/qDv8EBVKn1

    Twitter: @sirlovedrought / @PopCrave / Via Twitter: @sirlovedrought

    It's historic, really:

    Jay Z really became the first person in the world to be followed by Beyoncé on Instagram. She hasn’t followed anyone since she made the account in 2012.

    Twitter: @THUGGABEY / Via Twitter: @THUGGABEY

    I mean, it changes everything:

    celebrities with 0 Following in Instagram now knowing Beyoncé has followed JayZ

    Twitter: @rempcee / Via Twitter: @rempcee

    But just in case you want to restore the balance:

    Serenity NOW ... if you block Jay Z on instagram. It will show Beyoncé following ZERO again !!!

    Twitter: @Asa_1991x / Instagram / Netflix / Via Twitter: @Asa_1991x

    Just an immaculate use of this video reaction:

    Me when I discovered that JayZ is on Instagram now …

    Twitter: @itsdiddy__ / Via Twitter: @itsdiddy__

    Personally...I really look forward to reporting on this if it ever happens:

    Now when they beefing she gone unfollow him “#Roommates it seems like #JayZ and #Beyonce has gotten into an altercation 👀 Bey’s follow count is now back down to 0. Do you think #JayZ been cutting up? Let us know #Roommates”

    Twitter: @sznhottie / Instagram / Via Twitter: @sznhottie

    Don't mind me, just over here yelling:

    @PopCrave omg congrats to him! i love how beyoncé isn’t shy to promote small and growing artists!! a legend indeed

    Twitter: @behindthepinkz / Via Twitter: @behindthepinkz

    I stand corrected — I'm actually hollering:

    @PopCrave He stole her phone and followed himself

    Twitter: @NjiaKing / Via Twitter: @NjiaKing

    All in all, we're in denial, and that's OK:

    @PopCrave beyoncé look at me baby. this isn’t you

    Twitter: @drewberrymole / Via Twitter: @drewberrymole

    They're Instagram official ❤️:

    Not the boyfriend soft launch https://t.co/z0PXcWfQKj

    Twitter: @PakisRights / @PopCrave / Via Twitter: @PakisRights

    Well, that's it from me! It's the end of a significant social media–secluded Beyoncé era and perhaps the beginning of a new one.