Lindsay Lohan's Furious EU Referendum Tweets Are Highly Unexpected

    No one saw this intervention coming.

    Here is Lindsay Lohan. You may know her from such films as Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and Herbie: Fully Loaded.

    But not, however, for her views on Brexit. Well, that's about to change.

    Here she is, for example, expressing her displeasure that the pound has dropped in value after Leave recorded an impressive result in Sunderland.

    It has rapidly become clear from her social media accounts that Lohan is keeping a keen eye on the referendum.

    And what's more, judging from her hashtags, she really wants us to stop making Leave happen.

    Here's what her fans make of this radical change of direction in her recent tweets.

    She appears to be quite concerned with the geographical location of the places where results are being announced.

    Like Kettering for example.

    Her fans also approved that message.

    The result from the Shetlands, it transpires, has especially delighted her.

    She was concerned about the plummeting value of our currency.

    dropping by the second... one dollar and forty nine cents.. dropping as we breathe.. #REMAIN

    She has asked this very good question.

    (The answer is that people who worked with her are divided over what she'd think.)

    Not to mention this one.

    In case you were wondering if she's been hacked, her account says not. Although she is still confused as to the location of Sunderland.

    @standardnews @BBCNews @Telegraph not hacked just #remain #peacekeeping #MOREAWARENESS WHERE'S #sunderland? goalno8

    Anyway, that's Lindsay Lohan: model, actress, singer, and, it appears, passionate Remain supporter.

    That's: REMAIN.

    @DailyMailCeleb @DailyMailUK i am actually against BREXIT i am for #REMAIN so get your facts straight you lazy cow

    Everyone who's shocked that Lindsay Lohan is invested in English finance reform clearly forgets she's 1/2 British


    BuzzFeed News has contacted Lohan for further comment.