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    Here's What Happens When You Give Play-Doh To A Bunch Of Adults

    When life hands you Play-Doh, make the poop emoji.

    Yesterday all activity* came to a grinding halt when a group of BuzzFeed employees were presented with a box full of CHILDHOOD DREAMS.

    *A very small amount of activity.

    Reactions ranged from "omg that SMELL!" to "fuck I'm so bad at art fuck."

    But one thing was constant: These professional, office-job-having grown-ups were absolutely transfixed in the face of the near-mystical element.

    One editor made an Illuminati symbol.

    One drew inspiration from the very internet we swim in.

    Some made Pokémon.

    While others made Adventure Time characters.

    There was a Play-Doh piñata.

    And a Starbucks cup.

    And a pizza angel.

    Some folks showed an innate grasp of the medium.

    Others...less so.

    Some turned abstract.

    While others conjured up past favorites.

    But only one editor used Play-Doh the way God and our childhoods intended.

    National Play-Doh Day is, apparently, happening on Sept. 16.

    If you are inspired to create masterpieces of your own (or happen to have [hopefully photographic] relics from yr past), add 'em in the comments.