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Here's What Happens When You Give Play-Doh To A Bunch Of Adults

When life hands you Play-Doh, make the poop emoji.

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Yesterday all activity* came to a grinding halt when a group of BuzzFeed employees were presented with a box full of CHILDHOOD DREAMS.

*A very small amount of activity.

Reactions ranged from "omg that SMELL!" to "fuck I'm so bad at art fuck."

But one thing was constant: These professional, office-job-having grown-ups were absolutely transfixed in the face of the near-mystical element.

One editor made an Illuminati symbol.

While others made Adventure Time characters.

Lumpy Space Princess by Julia Pugachevsky, Princess Bubblegum by Conz Preti, Jake by James Grebey who clearly went to town on this whole thing.


While others conjured up past favorites.

Ugly Doll by Jessica Lima.

But only one editor used Play-Doh the way God and our childhoods intended.

Emmy Favilla, supreme creator of copy guides and ~ART~ alike.

National Play-Doh Day is, apparently, happening on Sept. 16.

If you are inspired to create masterpieces of your own (or happen to have [hopefully photographic] relics from yr past), add 'em in the comments.