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    30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

    Not so into the idea of buying a completely revealing Big Bird costume this year? You can DIY these outfits without much time or money and avoid the "sexy" black hole entirely.

    Use things you already have lying around the house:

    1. Like gloves, which make easy moose antlers:

    2. Make bat wings from an old umbrella:

    3. A picture frame and some non-toxic paint can turn you into a work of art in minutes:

    4. Or, if you're more into Pop Art than Impressionism:

    5. Use paper towels to make a mummy costume:

    If you want to be especially relevant, dress up as something from the news:

    6. Like the giant eyeball:

    7. The iPhone 5:

    8. The Jesus fresco:

    9. The Mars rover:

    10. Or Paul Ryan:

    11. ...A vampire!

    Couple's costumes that won't make everybody hate you:

    12. Bacon and egg:

    13. Silent film stars:

    14. Peanut butter and jelly:

    15. Tom Hanks' character and Wilson the volleyball from "Castaway":

    16. Play-doh:

    17. Paint chips:

    Group costumes are fun and low-stress (just make sure it still works even if one of your friends decides to leave the party):

    18. With matching tracksuits and fake gold medals, you could be the US Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team:

    View this video on YouTube


    19. Tetris:

    20. Rocks, paper, and scissor:

    21. M&Ms:

    You know who absolutely loves Halloween (or at least doesn't have a firm enough grasp of the English language to communicate hatred)? Your baby!

    22. Popcorn vendor:

    23. Spider and web:

    24. Bank robber:

    25. The old man and the little boy from "Up":

    26. But remember, just because you can DIY something doesn't mean you should. Like Snooki and Lorenzo:

    27. Or these boobs:

    And even if you're not into wearing a costume yourself, you can always dress up your pet:

    28. Pirate:

    29. Flower:

    30. Chia pet: