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10 Tips For Working It At An Elvis Convention

Jumpsuits and rhinestones reign supreme.

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1. Invest in a really solid sequined jumpsuit.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

The European Elvis Championships take place over three days in Birmingham, England. The winner will move on to the International Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis, TN. It's not held until August, so they'll have plenty of time to bone up on their hip gyrations and sneers. According to a Guardian article on the event, "Impersonating Elvis is a complicated business. It's not like being a Kate Middleton lookalike."

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Elias Boswell, age 12, nails Elvis' classic bad-boy slouch. His parents, according to the Guardian piece, "look glad and proud, and as they're only 37 and 35, they probably got into this to please their parents."

10. Remember that even if you lose, you still get to leave with the greatest gift of all:

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

A plaster bobblehead of The King.

The winner will be announced January 6th.

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