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13 Shows To Binge With The Gryffindor In Your Life

Indulge in tales of daring and courage.

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1. Friday Night Lights


Honestly one of the most emotionally fulfilling Gryffindor sagas out there. It's about the courage of daily life, and the nerve required in finding your best self. Give your heart over to this show for a while.

The entire series is available for streaming on Netflix.

2. Daredevil


It makes all kinds of sense for a lot of superhero stories to fall into Gryffindor territory – but even within that arena Matt Murdock distinguishes himself as extra Gryffindory. Rest assured, Godric himself would give this self-torturing brand of heroism the nod.

The entire series is available to stream on Netflix.

3. Jessica Jones


Jessica does heroism differently than a lot of superhero stories. She embraces her own flaws in a much more head-on way than a lot of brooding heroes; she stares right in the face of her own shortcomings and works to resist self-flagellation. She also runs from her own desire to help – until she stops running, turns around, and dives right in. It's a much more raw fight for justice than your average modern vigilante tale.

The first season (and the only season so far) is available to stream on Netflix.

4. The 100

The CW

Yada yada yada, a bunch of CW-hot teens get dropped onto a post-apocalyptic Earth and have to fight for their lives – there's a lot about The 100's gut optics that triggers instinctual eye-rolls. But this is also one of the most surprising, ruthless shows on television. And in true Gryffindor form, its core character narratives are about finding a certain daring bravery at your center – and about what happens when you let out the reckless side of that in the struggle to survive.

The first two seasons are available to stream on Netflix, with recent episodes available on Hulu Plus.

5. Inside Amy Schumer

Comedy Central

This is a sketch show that's made its name on some pretty Gryffindorian tenets: That being bold is a great thing to be, and that calling out selected injustices of our world is a valuable way to spend one's time.

The entire series so far is available to stream on Hulu Plus.

6. Black-ish


There are certain Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tendencies here, too – this is a show that makes sure we see multiple perspectives for everything they use the Johnsons to discuss. But the beating heart of this show is very Gryffindor: A sort of chivalry aimed at the world, centered around a family who'd go to the mat for each other and for what they believe in.

The second season is available to stream on Hulu Plus.

7. Steven Universe

Cartoon Network

This show is about a group of space rocks overcoming personal and physical weaknesses to protect planet Earth, purely by choice. It's about finding ways to be strong when everyone around you is telling you that you're not. Harry Potter – the Gryffindoriest Gryffindor – would love this show.

The first season is available to stream on Hulu Plus.

8. Orange Is the New Black


This show is about a prison, yes – but it's also about personal courage. It's also about daring. It's about all the different ways there are to find those things in yourself. It's even about how finding yourself in unexpected places (see: prison) can bring all of this out in you.

The entire series is available to stream on Netflix.

9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Warner Bros.

Classic, iconic, legendary Gryffindor television. Buffy's queen Gryff. You get knocked down, you get up again, you get back to fighting the latest apocalypse. You crack some jokes along the way to prove you've still got it.

The entire series is available to stream on Netflix.

10. Master Of None


The very instant outpouring of reactions when this show came into our lives was Gryffindorian. So was the heart of the series itself: Dev confronts the shitty factors of the world that are worth fighting against. He also starts to acknowledge the shitty parts of himself worth grappling with.

The first season (and the show's only so far) is available to stream on Netflix.

11. Mythbusters

Discovery Channel

This might be the ideal show for Gryffindor/Ravenclaw relationships. You've got the machinations of how things work. You've also got the desire to prove other people right or wrong. But most Gryff of all? They'll make things blow up at the end of the day regardless of the results.

Seasons 10 through 16 are available to stream on Hulu Plus.

12. Supernatural

The CW

And here we have the most brooding, tortured Gryffindors of all. The Winchesters and everyone who's ever found themselves in their inner circle know their fair share of suffering for the sake of bravery. They know their share of rash decisions. And oh boy do they know martyrdom.

Seasons one through 10 are available to stream on Netflix. The most recent episodes are available on Hulu Plus.

13. The Mindy Project

Universal Television

Mindy Lahiri herself may not be a Gryffindor, but there's something about her story and the way she presents herself that will appeal to the Gryffindor senses. It's honestly probably the boldly stated opinions, the proud recklessness, and the devotion to the heart. Oh, and the Gryffindor vibes radiating off of Danny Castellano's every move.

The entire series is available for streaming on Hulu Plus.

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