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Apr 7, 2016

13 Shows To Binge-Watch With The Ravenclaw In Your Life

Soothe and excite your brain.

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1. Doctor Who


Adventure, time-travel, the vast expanse of space... this is a show that covers the gamut of the Hogwarts houses, but Ravenclaws especially be drawn to everything timey-wimey happening here. So many of these adventures, after all, are about learning new things.

The entire (newest version of the) series is streaming on Amazon Prime.

2. How To Get Away With Murder


There's certainly an argument for Slytherin cunning. But this show is also about wrapping your head around what's in front of you – about finding your logistical way out of that space between the rock and the hard place.

The first season is available for streaming on Netflix, with recent episodes available on Hulu Plus.

3. X-Files


Ravenclaws are often cornered as a very stiff type of intelligent. But it's just as much about creativity – and thinking outside the box. Enter a show all about the exploration of what is real. Enter Fox and Dana scaling the walls of said box.

The original series is available for streaming on Netflix.

4. Sense8


It's the wisdom, lived experiences, and creativity of eight different people synced up into this cool human collage. It's visually gorgeous, and it's also a tribute to those Ravenclaw tenets of acceptance and (ironically) individuality.

The entire series so far is available to stream on Netflix.

5. Cosmos


Obviously. Some Ravenclaws may find the information at play here too basic, but others may just want to bask in the sensual glory of the cosmos and how things work.

The entire series is available for streaming on Netflix.

6. Hannibal


This show is a cerebral feast. There may be a fair bit of Slytherin going on – but the landscape of this show is the gore of psychology and the dark side of the human brain. Also: Art. This series has Ravenclaw baked into its lining.

Seasons one and two are streaming on Amazon Prime.

7. 30 Rock


Maybe it's the speed or sheer volume of the jokes. Maybe it's that Tina Fey is practically the poster child of the Hollywood Ravenclaw. Either way, sometimes you just need something irreverent to chew on.

The entire series is available for streaming on Netflix.

8. Community


Nobody did a themed episode like Community. So much of this show is an exercise in form, and that's something that could definitely be appealing to your inner Ravenclaw.

The entire series is available for streaming on Hulu Plus.

9. Sherlock


You knew this one was coming. Sherlock Holmes is a Ravenclaw classic for a reason: Those spiels, man. It's easy to find a certain catharsis in those verbal undressings.

All except the holiday special are available for streaming on Netflix.

10. House


See: That Sherlock Holmes thing. It's a tried and true formula: Put a very smart person in a room and give them a problem to solve. Add in snark as desired.

The entire series is available to stream on Netflix.

11. Chopped

Food Network

Just sheer ingenuity. Just the joy of watching people make shit out of other, weird shit.

A selection of episodes are available for streaming on the Food Network site. Chopped Collection is available to stream on Netflix.

12. The West Wing

Warner Bros.

There's plenty of ambition on display here, but the sheer, peak Aaron Sorkinness of The West Wing puts it in the Ravenclaw pantheon. The rhetoric! The deep, abiding respect for the pursuit of knowledge!

The entire series is available to stream on Netflix.

13. Criminal Minds


This is a team that spans multiple varieties of intelligence. They work together and they solve shit. There's something deeply soothing about a procedural – maybe it's the group dynamic; maybe it's the satisfaction when you've guessed ahead on the solution they're looking for.

The entire series is available to stream on Netflix.

Tell us your suggestions in the comments! Hufflepuff can be found here; Slytherin here. Gryffindor is here.

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