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Surprisingly Cute Facts About The World's Scariest Animals

Vampire squids from hell: they're just like you.

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6. Sharks "taste test" everything.

By Pietervisser via Wikimedia Commons

Like your 3 year-old nephew, sharks put things in their mouths when they get curious about them. Most shark attacks are really just sharks going, "Hey what's up?" and then swimming away.

7. Some snakes will play dead when scared.

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The hognose snake has a variety of methods for scaring away predators, but the best is watching it feign death in the most dramatic way possible. (But also don't scare your pet snakes!)


12. Male coyotes dote on female coyotes as they dote on their bbs.

John Good, National Park Service via Wikimedia Commons

Female coyotes will stay underground with their newborns for 11-12 days, until they open their eyes. Male coyotes will bring food to the female and their pups during this time.


15. Black widow spiders flick silk at attackers.

Patrick Edwin Moran via Wikimedia Commons

Even though the black widow's bite is infamous, that's rarely its first defense. Females are usually the ones pulling this stunt and I love them all for it.

16. Octopuses engage in what researchers can only deem "mischief."

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There have been tales of octopuses sneaking out of their tanks, scaring aquarium workers, and causing floods. Aquarium managers have to come up with brain teasers for them to keep them busy.


18. Alligators blow bubbles to mate.

The Streamy Awards via Giphy

This is only one of many tactics a male alligator can use to attract a lady. Others include infrasonic bellowing and head slapping. Some female gators are so into this, they end up mating with the same dude for life.

19. Baby crocodiles chirp, kinda!

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Babies emit a very cute sound when they're in their eggs to let their mothers know it's hatching time.

21. The "vampire squid from hell" is more scared of you than you are of it, probably.

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The squid in question is actually an octopus and when it's threatened it will literally bite its own arm off to try and distract predators.