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I Just Found Out What's Under A Tiger's Fur And I'm Forever Changed

Well, I'll be.

This here is a tiger. You might recognize tigers from nature.

Tigers have stripes. You might recognize stripes from that shirt grandma bought you in 8th grade that you've never worn.

But do you know what's under those stripes?

MORE STRIPES. That's right, a tiger's skin ALSO has stripes.

This is what the skin of a tiger looks like. It is also striped.@WWF_tigers @WWF @nature_org @World_Wildlife…


#TigerFact did you know, it's not just the tigers fur that is striped? Beauty is skin deep as this pic demonstrates!

WOW. Can you belie—


@gingerRudder I know that tigers do in fact have striped skin, so maybe!

Basically, the skin is striped "because the colored hair follicles embedded in the skin are visible, similar to a man's five-o'clock shadow."

A shaved tiger is pretty much just your dad in the morning.

You can see the same kind of thing in a snow leopard and other big cats. Check out this spotty fellah right here:

Shaved Snow Leopard

Wild stuff, right here.

LOOK: Tiger skin is striped in the same pattern as its coat. RT if you think that's cool like we do. #tiger

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