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    Cole Sprouse Posted This Instagram Selfie And I'm Confused As Heck

    Let's get to the bottom of this.

    It's no news that Cole Sprouse has a very *quirky* presence on social media.

    Photographer captured a photo after they told me I was beautiful.

    Remember when he uploaded a bunch of super FaceTuned photos as a joke???

    Or just look at literally any of his Instagram captions.

    Well, he's done it again. I was just scrolling through Instagram and came across this.


    I β€” er β€” am not sure what to make of this and his caption isn't very helpful.


    He legit looks like some random middle-aged trucker dude and I have so many questions!!!

    Instagram: @colesprouse / Via

    Okay, okay, a lot to unpack here.

    What's up with this Marlboro baseball cap? Do you smoke cigs Cole? I'm not judging, I just want to understand.

    And also, what the hell is this thing attached to your mouth?

    Instagram: @colesprouse / Via

    I'm not a fan, I'm sorry.

    And most importantly, WHY ARE YOUR PANTS UNBUTTONNED???

    Is this for some Riverdale episode? Maybe a role for a movie? A Halloween costume you were trying on?

    It doesn't help that the comments are even MORE perplexing.

    For some reason, his brother Dylan called him "daddy-o" like it's the '50s.

    Your sarcasm is not helping me Haley lu Richardson!!!

    Is he β€” is he referring to the app?

    Well I know that Skeet Ulrich's comment is a subtle Riverdale reference but what can it mean? Hmm πŸ€”

    And a couple some more random comments:

    In the end, this is the only person who gets me.

    Instagram: @colesprouse / Via

    Me too Vas J Morgan. Me too.

    So until Cole provides some answers, I'll just be patiently waiting.


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