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7 Tiny Changes To Make This Week

Treat yourself.

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1. Try to make one healthy change this week.

Have a piece of fruit, and feel like a champ. If you're not sure where to start, here's a really helpful guide to buying fresh fruit and veggies. And for inspiration, Rachael Krishna recommends this article.

"I know this sounds really boring, but I try and have my five a day, each day. There's no way you can feel like you failed a day if you've made that small accomplishment.

"Plus you get to feel smugly healthy, and if you're a health worrier like me, just keeping that tiny commitment can put a lot of unnecessary stress at bay." – Chelsey Pippin

2. You could start by eating breakfast every day.

Lisa Lin / Via

If you're looking for inspiration, here's what real healthy people actually eat for breakfast.

"It's the oldest rule in the book, but waking up earlier has meant that I can sit down, eat breakfast, and take some time for myself before I have to get ready for work. I usually take half an hour to read a book or watch a short episode of a TV show while I eat my Bran Flakes with raisins (eat your fibre, folks), a banana, and coffee.

"My mornings feel so much less rushed, and I'm a lot less stressed when I get into work. Plus, my stomach no longer starts asking for lunch at 10:30am like it used to. Take it from me: Eating breakfast makes you feel like a real adult person." – Ellie Bate

Also: Here are 24 healthy on-the-go breakfast recipes.

3. Make your inbox a nicer place.

Nathan Pyle/ BuzzFeed

If you dread reading your emails – and tbh who doesn't (unless you are in a You've Got Mail situation, in which case, good luck!) – then sign up to a nice newsletter. Here are some of my favourites:

Emerald Street: A lovely food, fashion, and lifestyle mailout that comes just before lunch, daily. You can adjust it for your location and get great city reccs.

Mr Hyde: The men's lifestyle version of Emerald Street (but women can and should sign up too!)

A Little Bird: This comes once a week and has an art and design focus. Great for finding out about new artists, places to eat, and exhibitions to see.

And if you prefer personal newsletters, here are some of my faves:

Bim's, Dolly's and Ana's.

Bonus: 9 Interesting Newsletters You Should Subscribe To


4. Or organise your browser to remove stress.

Dami Lee/BuzzFeed

Maybe the idea of YET ANOTHER EMAIL is just too much. So why not condense it all away?

"I began using the One Tab extension and it has legit changed my life. I am queen of having 100 tabs open, and I get paranoid I'll miss something *really important* if I close a tab, so I just end up with a shit-ton of tabs that I never organise or get around to sorting.

"So I now use One Tab and it's made everything so much easier – I can now navigate my tabs *and* it doesn't drain my battery or slow my laptop down, and I can see in one tab alone all the links I need to get around to/read all in one place that isn't clunky and annoying." – Rossalyn Warren

5. Tidy for 10 minutes each day. And that's it.

Instagram: @buzzfeeddiy

I always feel better when my home is tidy, but I also hate tidying with a passion. So I try and spend 10 minutes when I get home each day doing a blitz tidy. If you're not sure where to start, here are some helpful tips.

"I do it before I start making dinner or sit down to watch TV or start talking to my housemates. This includes things like taking water glasses out of my room, taking my packed lunch box out of my work bag, taking my gym kit out of my bag, putting clothes back in drawers, or putting clothes-washing on.

"It has made it so much easier to keep on top of things and not get overwhelmed with untidiness. And it's a lot easier to do it than than when you have to stop watching TV to get up and tidy!" – Sophie Gadd

6. Buy yourself some flowers.

Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed

They don't have to be expensive! The bunch on the left in this photo is from Tesco (£2.50) and the one on the left is from Sainsbury's (£3). If you've got a bit more cash, then I love, love, love Bloom and Wild.

"I don't know what it is, but there's something so cheerful about a simple bunch of blooms that can't help but to lift your mood. I move my vases around so when I walk into a room or wake up in the morning, you kind of forget they're there and just get a nice little warm fuzzy feeling when you see them again. I tend to go to supermarkets at the end of the day and you can find flowers reduced to almost next to nothing.

"Sometimes I buy a few different bunches, weed out the tired-looking ones, and create new arrangements. To really treat yourself, spend the morning at Columbia Road flower market in Hackney. Worth it just for the window shopping." – Elizabeth Pears.

7. Introduce @Adventurecats into your life.

Instagram: @adventurecatsorg

If an adventurous cat can do it, so can you.