17 Facts About Boy Bands That Will Make You Feel Old

    Five bad boys with the power to rock you.

    1. This video is 21 years old.

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    2. Harry Styles wasn't born when Boyzone made their first TV appearance.

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    3. This Boyzone tour t-shirt is classed as 'vintage'.

    4. This news story existed.

    5. Justin Timberlake has been out of NSYNC for longer than he was in it.

    6. When O-Town sang about 'Madonna's wild style' in "Liquid Dreams", this is what they were referring to.

    7. This photo of Billie Piper and Ritchie from 5ive dating is 15 years old.

    8. The Backstreet Boys celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.

    9. Aaron Carter is now 25.

    10. All of Hanson are married with children.

    11. "Freak U" by Another Level is 15 years old.

    12. Jade Jones from Damage has two sons with Emma Bunton.

    13. 911: Then Vs Now

    14. "All Rise" by Blue is the same age as the iPod.

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    15. When Westlife released "Flying Without Wings", the Daily Mail website looked like this.

    16. Justin Bieber was born the year that "Stay" was Christmas number one.

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    Also 21 years old.

    17. And this is what Lee Ryan is doing now.