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    Here Are 7 Of The Very Best Things To Do In London This Weekend

    Don't let this weather get you down!

    In a word, this week has been glum. Sure the sunny spells are welcome, but if you ask us, they're too few and far between (has nobody told nature it's officially Spring yet???)

    Still, there's no reason to give into a weekend mope. London's events include Oxbridge's iconic boat race, a 24-hour waffle bonanza, and even a wholesome city-based romcom if you don't fancy heading outdoors! Here are seven of the best things we found to do in London this weekend:

    1. Grab the chaps and chapettes and roll on down to Oxbridge's boat race this Sunday.

    2. Duck and Waffle are holding a waffle week, during which you can grab the fluffy food 24/7 while overlooking London's skyline!

    3. If you haven't heard of The Bill Murray in Islington (a spot where I've seen acts like Isy Suttie and Nish Kumar for a fiver), allow me to introduce you to your new fave spot.

    4. Okay, okay, it's not specific to London, but I reckon the city is the best place to catch new rom-com, Rye Lane.

    5. Head to subterranean bar Alma for their bangin' new music residencies.

    6. BFI Flare Film festival – the UK's largest queer cinema bonanza – kicked off last Wednesday.

    7. Mosey on down to Haugen for some Alpine delights (hello, fondue).

    Will you be checking out of any these things this weekend? Let us know in the comments!