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    Nobody Asked, But I Ranked British Foods According To How Upset They Make Me

    If you're an ardent British biscuit fan, you might want to skip this.

    Hi! I'm Amy, and I moved to the UK a couple of years ago. One of the first big differences I noticed was the food – I can't stop rambling to anyone who'll listen about how I feel about it (sorry, flatmates). Here's how I'd rank some of the stuff I've tried so far!

    12. Deep-fried Mars bar

    11. Chip butties

    10. Toad in the hole

    9. Most meal deals

    8. Scotch eggs

    7. Potato waffles

    6. Selection boxes

    5. Bourbon biscuits

    4. Victoria sponge cake

    3. The specific meal deal sandwich that literally only contains ham

    2. Sausage casserole

    1. Rich tea biscuits