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Posted on Jan 14, 2014

20 Things Every Modern Office Should Have In 2014

Cubicles are out, high-tech napping pods are in.

1. Every office should allow pets, no question. Cute animals are integral to the creative process, and they lead to less stress in the workplace.

Flickr: def6nyc / Creative Commons

2. Your company could partner with the local animal shelter to bring adoptable pets into the office to frolic. It would increase workflow and a few adoptions might happen.

Two birds, one stone!

3. One of those pets should pull a booze cart. Turns out having a drink or two helps you think strategically.

Flickr: mattsidesinger / Creative Commons

4. If plain beer isn't sufficient, offices could employ a full-time mixologist to mix drinks at an open bar. Because alcohol = better workers. It's science.

5. The World Health Organization estimates the cost of stress to American businesses to be as high as $300 billion. On-site meditation classes would be great to de-stress. Namaste, y'all.

Flickr: austinevan / Creative Commons

6. All offices should have nap rooms on site, because it's impossible to work when you're sleepy. A Harvard study suggested napping at work promotes productivity.

7. If a dedicated nap room isn't feasible, high-tech napping pods will do the trick. The future is now!

8. Companies should employ dedicated barbers, because rushing to get your hair did on your lunch break is super stressful.

Flickr: porterspixels / Creative Commons

9. There should be a gaggle of interns whose sole job is to give compliments throughout the day. Forbes says compliments have the same emotional effects as receiving cash.

Flickr: repgeorgemiller / Creative Commons

10. Private, single bathrooms are muy importante. Because making eye contact with a co-worker through the crack in the stall door is what nightmares are made of.

Flickr: brentdanley / Creative Commons

11. Companies should keep a few human bubbles around for those employees who insist on coming to work with a cold.

12. Having an on-site therapist would help you unwind when work gets stressful. Plus, they could help mediate work conflicts.

13. The option to work outside would make the day more enjoyable. In Japan, shinrin-yoku (or "forest bathing") is a common relaxation technique.

Flickr: jim_belford / Creative Commons

14. Offices should offer treadmill desks so you can get a bit of light cardio while you tear the Emerson report a new one. Exercise is beneficial to work productivity, y'know.

Flickr: sharynmorrow / Creative Commons

15. Two words: snack room. No snacks means reduced work output, says Forbes. Also, Sour Patch Kids are a must.


16. Snacks could even change seasonally. Froyo during the summer months would be diviiiiiiine.


17. Open, colorful offices are ideal over cold, isolated cubicles. Different colors can alter your mood and productivity, says color therapist Sherry Burton Ways.


18. There should be someone to tell all your gossip to, who's sworn to secrecy and paid to keep mum. Discovery says holding onto secrets can cause anxiety and depression.

Flickr: mcsdwarken / Creative Commons

19. Portland's Wieden+Kennedy building has a meeting room inside a giant nest. Fast Company says innovative workspaces foster creative collaboration.

20. Most importantly, offices should have a few classic arcade games on site. Nothing encourages productivity like pulling off a Flawless Victory in Mortal Kombat II.

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