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16 Game Shows That Need To Return To TV

Because when it comes to these game shows, everyone's a winner.

1. Supermarket Sweep

2. Match Game

3. Press Your Luck

4. Legends of the Hidden Temple

5. Beat the Clock

Although the recent Minute to Win It was basically the same concept, Beat the Clock is clearly the better incarnation of the show. One of the best parts of the game was that most of the stunts contestants were tasked with performing utilized simple household goods, meaning that they could often be recreated, for the most part, by viewers who wanted to challenge themselves. Why is it so entertaining watching regular people make fools of themselves in the name of money? Who knows. But it is.

6. Password

7. Hollywood Squares

8. Cash Cab

9. What's My Line?

10. Tic-Tac-Dough

11. The Newlywed Game

12. Double Dare

13. Baggage

14. Lingo

The game show of choice for word nerds, Lingo was like regular bingo times 10. Whereas bingo is thought of as a game only elderly, retirement home-dwellers play, Lingo added an extra layer to the process that made it entertaining for people of all ages. And despite how much fun it was to guess along with contestants, there was nothing quite as entertaining as a contestant realizing that time is running out and only being able to think of a highly inappropriate word to blurt out in order to try to salvage the round.

15. Pyramid

16. The Weakest Link