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    28 Tech Products And Accessories For Anyone Who Works From Home

    Yes, it would be great to hire an assistant, but Alexa is a close second.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A third-generation Echo Dot or, in other words, your new assistant because this little device can basically do it all. Yes, it can *takes deep breath* play music, make calls, send and receive text messages, answer your questions, read the news, remind you of things, and so much more.

    The small round white EchoDot speaker in white

    Promising review: "I use the Echo Dot in my home office. It provides me with great sound and relieves the boredom of working from home. It's small enough that it does not take up valuable space." —Penny O.

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in four colors).

    2. And a pack of smart plugs designed to work with your Amazon device (including the Echo Dot) so you can simply say, "Alexa, lights on" when you realize that you've been working so long that your natural-light filled office has turned into a dark dungeon. You won't have to break your productivity streak to get up and turn those lights on.,

    Promising review: "I have three Echo Dots and 10 Alexa-enabled products, including light bulbs, wall switches, outlets, etc. All have been easy to install, configure, and program for a variety of tasks. I love going to our basement family room and saying, 'Alexa, let there be Light,' and all the ceiling lights and lamps in the TV area turn on. When I leave, I can say 'Alexa, Switch-off' and have all the lights turn off. I work from home and have a computer room with three devices installed — one Echo Dot, one light bulb, and two outlets. These smart plugs make it so easy to control devices. At the end of the day, I say as I am leaving the computer room, 'Alexa, Goodnight' and all the lights in the basement except the hall light turn off. Thank you GoSund for developing such an easy and reliable product to use with Alexa through Echo Dots!" —Marcus@TauCeti

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $27.99.

    3. A Wi-Fi extender capable of widening your coverage in all areas of your home so you'll stop cutting out during your video meetings.

    Reviewer holding their phone up to the rectangular-shaped router that's plugged into the wall

    Promising review: "This is a great product. We live in an old farmhouse and even though we have the fastest and highest internet service, we just couldn't get the signal throughout the entire house, or even our upstairs. But once we plugged in this range extender, we now have our 5G throughout the entire house and even the garage! It was super easy to install. No hassles. Easy to follow instructions." —Jennifer

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in two styles).

    4. A webcam cover because working from home can be a lot, and sometimes you just need the privacy (and security) so your coworkers won't see you gobbling down your lunch during that meeting that def should have been an email.


    Promising review: "I love these cover slides! Since I am doing a lot of work from home and participating in meetings, it gives me peace of mind that I can control when I am seen. I was a little worried that you would be able to see a shadow around the camera, but it is a perfect fit. The thickness is also perfect where it does not cause issues when closing my laptop. I now have a slide on my work computer and home computer." —Tayler T

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in six color combinations and pack sizes).

    5. A silicone charging stand to ensure that your AirPods case can charge while you work. Easily place them in the stand and know you won't hear that sad "doot-doot" sound of dead headphones when you have an hour to finish a task and need that 'Disney Power Hour' playlist on Spotify to help you focus and ~get down to business~.

    Promising review: "This accessory is one that makes you wonder why it wasn't included alongside the original product. The stand looks clean and sleek, blending in with the rest of Apple's devices perfectly. The device works wonderfully, just set your case down and it immediately starts charging." —Jerry Lathrop

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in three colors).

    6. Or a four-in-one wireless charging station for anyone who has the whole Apple lineup that needs to be charged. This fits an iPhone, AirPods, Apple Pencil, and Apple Watch at once — and is compact enough to not take up much space on your desk.

    Four in one wireless charging stand with iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch and Apple Pencil

    Promising review: "I highly recommend this Apple charging station! I bought this for my husband, and he absolutely loves it. It plugs right in and charges his iPhone 8, AirPods series 1, and his Apple Watch Series 2 all at the same time with no issues and no more messy cords all over the place! There’s only one charging cord that plugs right into the wall, and I can’t believe how fast it actually charges everything and how long the battery lasts from the charge." —Alexis

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in four colors).

    7. A laptop stand to take your productivity to ~new heights~. JK, we can't guarantee it will do that, but it will help improve your posture and put less strain on your eyes as you go about your workday.

    Reviewer pic of the silver laptop stand on a desk with a laptop raised on it

    Promising review: "This is an absolute game-changer now that I am working from home. It helps my posture and the colors match my MacBook Pro almost exactly if you don't hyper-examine it. It does have a little extra shine, but it is still matte. The stand is very sturdy and has quickly become a favorite to use any time I use my Mac." —George Araiza

    Get it from Amazon for $39.90 (available in two styles and in silver, gold, and grey).

    8. Or a bamboo two-tier monitor stand that will not only add height, but also has convenient storage space to organize the random things on your desk.

    Reviewer pic of the bamboo monitor stand on a desk with the lower shelf, five compartments, and a groove for a cellphone and pen filled with office supplies

    Plus, the side compartments are adjustable, meaning you can make it work for whatever supplies you have.

    Promising review: "I ordered this monitor stand because I've recently been relegated to the dining room for work-from-home. All I have is a Microsoft Surface Pro, so no external monitor or anything. To get the screen at a proper ergonomic height I had to put the computer on a shoebox, which rendered the type cover useless. The table was completely cluttered and every time it was needed for something besides my office, I had to move everything piece by piece. Today my monitor stand arrived. It took me all of 10 minutes to assemble. The directions were clear and easy to understand, and it came with all the necessary hardware. It's sturdy and solid, and has room for everything I need to have at the desk with me. I can even keep my tea someplace where it's unlikely to get knocked over or bumped into. If I need to move things off the table, I can just pick up the whole thing and get it out of the way. It also looks nicer than I expected it to. I'm very pleased with this purchase." —J.C.

    Get it from Amazon for $46.99.

    9. And an Apple Magic wireless keyboard to make typing while using a laptop stand a breeze. The keyboard seamlessly connects to your MacBook, is easy to type on, and is worth the investment.

    reviewer image of the white wireless keyboard in front of a laptop stand with a laptop on it

    Promising review: "Apple products are expensive, but so far I feel so happy with this purchase. Working from home due to social distancing, my laptop was too painful to work on all day. I hooked up to an old cheap monitor and OLD mac keyboard but the keys were sticky and took so much effort to push down. I ordered this, and it has been so much more comfortable to work on. The keys push with ease and it is so low profile it has saved my hands. Not dealing with a wire is nice too. I switch mouse hands frequently due to forearm pain, and this small light keyboard makes it easy to rearrange. It very easily connects with my computer, and I don't even have to think about it. For me, it was definitely worth the extra 'Mac tax' for quality." —KL

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

    10. A Ember temperature control ceramic mug designed to keep your coffee (or tea) warm for hours so you don't take a sip of a cold beverage when you get distracted by the barrage of emails flooding your inbox and forget about the cup you made. It's the little things that help you get through the workday.

    Model holding the black matte mug

    You remotely adjust the temperature to get it just right, and you can also select a personalized LED color.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical about this mug being worth the price. I was attracted to the product because I tend to take a long time to drink coffee or tea, as a result, I put it in the microwave a few times. This mug has been a game-changer for me. I love it! I can set the perfect temperature for coffee or tea type. The best part is being able to come back 20 minutes later and have it be the perfect temperature. This mug is worth the money." —Benasha

    Get it from Target for $99.99 (available in black and white).

    11. Or just a cup warmer you can use with any mug you already own. Just set it on the pad, and it will automatically turn on to keep your drink at the perfect temperature.

    reviewer image of the rectangle white coffee cup warmer

    The warmer can heat coffee up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It's designed with a gravity induction switch, which means once you plug it in, you can set you mug on it, and it will automatically turn off. And then when you finish your drink and remove it, it will automatically turn off. Genius!

    Promising review: "It keeps my coffee nice and hot on my desk. That's what it's designed to do. I especially appreciate the fact that to turn it on, all I have to do is put my coffee on it. Keep in mind that my coffee is already hot (I read where someone complained about it not heating up a cold beverage), and this warmer keeps it that way. I'm very pleased with the price and the product." —Carl

    Get it from Amazon for $22.69+ (available in two shapes and two colors).

    12. A Rocketbook smart reusable notebook that takes your hand-written notes and makes them digital so when your boss asks for a recap of that meeting in your one-on-one, you can send it as an attachment and look super on top of everything.

    Reviewer pic of the notebook open on a desk with notes neatly written on either side and two pens sitting next to it

    Promising review: "Why did I not know about this before now??? I am a travel agent working from home and take loads of notes. I am so happy to be able to scan phone call notes with clients into their trip records! If they do not book right away I can scan and save notes to another file and retrieve them without leafing through a load of paper! Woo hoo! I can see so many uses for this product for just about anyone who takes notes or even journals regularly. I see that new version was introduced to the market that has lined pages...which I felt was the only thing lacking." —ellen

    Get it from Amazon for $22.98+ (available in two styles and 11 colors).

    13. An OXO double-ended laptop cleaning brush with a microfiber pad on one side to clean the dirty screen you've been staring at all day. Plus, it has a retractable brush on the other side to get in the keys to remove the dust and crumbs from your 3 p.m. snack that somehow found its way into your keyboard. Your computer will basically feel brand-new after this deep clean.


    BuzzFeed editor Katy Herman says: "I have this at my desk in the office (and now at my kitchen table workspace for WFH) and love it! It has a microfiber tip on one side and the WORLD'S SOFTEST retractable bristles on the other. Like, I use this thing more as a fidget toy and for petting the bristles than for cleaning. My laptop is so gross that it's a little past hope, but this has tools have definitely helped make clearing out crumbs and erasing smudges easier and cleaning my computer more fun. It's extra handy for the rest of my desk and swiping away post-lunch debris!"

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    14. A pair of Beats Powerbeats headphones to tune out any noise around you (whether you're at home or outside) so you can focus on your to-do list and not the barking dog.

    Emma McAnaw / BuzzFeed

    These headphones are made with ear hooks to fit in your ears securely while still being comfortable, so you won't be afraid that they'll fall out randomly. They also have up to nine hours of listening time and 24 total with the charging case. Plus, they're made to be water and sweat resistant, have volume and track controls on the side, and with more than 38,000 5-star reviews are worth the high price tag.

    Promising review: "I can drown out the everyday noise while working from home and listening to music. They fit comfortably in each ear. No wires to get caught on things. Plus, they have a great battery life." —Yolanda LeMay

    Get them from Amazon for $174.95+ (available in six colors).

    Read one BuzzFeed editor's full review of Powerbeats headphones (#4).

    15. A portable dual monitor for anyone who didn't realize they'd be working from home this long and misses their dual screens dearly. This device attaches to your laptop and gives you have double the space to spread out your work. Plus, you can easily move it from room to room (or even from bed, to couch, to desk, back to bed) depending on how you spend your day.

    A laptop with a small black monitor attached to the existing monitor on a desk

    You can use this with any Mac, PC, and Chrome laptop that's between13 and 17 inches. It attaches with magnetic device-safe metal plates, so you can move it around from room to room. Plus, you can rotate the display to customize it to fit your workstyle perfectly.

    Promising review: "I recently purchased this since many of us are working from home these days. It makes my job and my life easier and does not take up space as a large monitor connected to your laptop would. The customer service rep was amazing and answered my questions. You can use the same SideTrak on a different laptop if you need to (for work/personal use). It's interchangeable. I highly recommend this monitor. I'm very happy with it." —Fightergirl

    Get it from Amazon for $299.99.

    16. Leather cord keepers perfect for keeping your chargers and cords from getting tangled in a big knot so you can grab your headphones right as you're about to jump on that big call where so don't need to have your phone to your ear the whole time.

    Two leather cord keepers with a button stud closure with spots of color on them

    BTW – R-Ki-Tekt is a Black woman-owned business based out of Atlanta, Georgia since 2009! The products are made of leather and hand-painted.

    Get a set of two from R-Ki-Tekt for $25.

    17. A wireless charger stand to keep your phone charged without even having to remember to plug it in. Plus, you won't miss any notifications when it's right in front of you.

    Reviewer pic of the charger stand by itself and then with an iPhone set in it, charging

    It works with a variety of different phone types (including the new iPhone, but you can check the list of compatible devices under the options to make sure your phone will work.

    Promising review: "My wife and I have both been working from home and make a lot of calls on the job, and having an extra set of wireless fast chargers has made things much easier. Highly recommended." —Terrell Coutee-Tyler

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available as a single, double, or double circular).

    18. A sunlamp designed to mimic the benefits of sunlight to improve your mood and reset your circadian rhythm, if you work off-hours or just can't seem to find time to be outside.

    The rectangle-shaped light sitting on the counter with a pour-over coffee next to it

    It has 10,000 lux, UV-blocked bright white light you can customize to meet your needs.

    Promising review: "I work from home at night. I never see the light of day during the winter. This light has been a joy to have and gives great light at my desk to work with with the benefit of mimicking sun exposure. It’s very easy to use and to replace bulbs." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99

    19. A wall charger with six outlets *and* two USB fast-charging ports to keep all your devices and accessories at 100% so they won't die in the middle of that team meeting.

    Reviewer pic of the six chargers and two USB chargers with things plugged in to all of them in the lit outlet

    Promising review: "I work from home in a small apartment, and this really made my setup work the way I want it to. I need to use all six plugs, plus I like to keep my phone and Mi-Fi charging while working too. This was the perfect thing for me to get everything plugged in and essentially retrofitted into a built-in apartment wall desk setup that was intended for the large desktop towers of the late '90s. I’m ordering a second one in hopes it transforms another part of my weird floor plan. Bonus: The USB ports seem to fast-charge my iPhone XS Max. I can go from dead to fully charged in about 90 minutes." —Moose

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97.

    20. An ombre MacBook keyboard cover ready to protect your keyboard from any accidental spills of coffee, water, or any other beverage that should not make its way into your company-owned laptop. No need to deal with the IT department unless you absolutely have to.,

    Plus, it will also keep any crumbs, pet hair, or other debris from getting all up in your keys, messing with the way that you type. This cover works with Macbook 13", Old Generation Macbook Pro 13", 15", 17", Macbook Air 13", and wireless keyboards.

    Promising review: "This keyboard cover is exactly what I expected. It fits my Macbook pro 13" perfectly. When I first put it on it took me a little bit to get used to typing with it because it gives the keys a whole new feel. For me that isn't an issue because keeping dust and pet hair and any other junk out of my keys is more important. Now it doesn't slow my typing down at all. I love that it adds a pop of color to my Macbook. I chose the purple ombre silicone cover but there are so many other color options. I will be recommending this cover to anyone who asks me about it." —Mindi

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in nine colors).

    21. A multi-port adapter that includes an HDMI, ethernet, USB-C, micro-card reader, and three USB-ports so you can attach all the accessories to your MacBook at the same time and *crosses fingers* not run into any tech issues.

    reviewer image of a long rectangle device with three different cords attached to it

    Promising review: "This gadget is exactly what I needed and it works perfectly. I've had it for over two months now and use it every day as I work from home. The unit does get warm to the touch, but not hot. I use it for eight hours at a time and haven't had any problems with it." —MR4317

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99 (available in three colors).

    22. A selfie ring light for anyone who has found themselves working in less-than-ideal lighting during a marathon of Zoom calls. This small device will make a big difference so everyone can see your beautiful face.,

    This ring light has three color modes: warm light, cool white, and daylight. Plus, each mode has 11 brightness levels, so you can really customize it to whatever works best for you. The tripod extends from 17.5 inches to 51 inches and the base is also weighted, meaning it won't randomly tip over while you're using it.

    Promising review: "Due to the pandemic and mostly working from home, we have to rely on using virtual meeting, such as Zoom. The lighting in my room/office isn't that great, and my face would always look dark in the videos. So I decided to get a selfie ring to see if it helps to lighten up my face on cam. It definitely did the trick. The size of the ring is perfect and the tripod can but set on the floor or on the table which is quite nice. Would recommend to those who needs extra lighting. Only thing is that it has to be plugged in to a USB port instead of a traditional plug, which I think would of been more convenient if there were that options available! My team even asked what I did and then made their purchase right away!" —Patrick.S

    Get it from Amazon for $33.98.

    23. A LED strip reviewers swear is easy to install on the back of the monitor to add backlight and brighten up the whole screen, creating a sharper image, increasing color contrast, *and* reducing eye strain. Plus, you can change the color depending on your mood.,

    The strips comes with 3M adhesive to easily attach to the back of your monitor (just make sure to clean it first). It also has a USB to easily plug it in and a controller on it so you can switch between nine colors brightness settings.

    Promising review: "I finally jumped on this bias lighting bandwagon, and LOVE IT! These are fairly inexpensive and extremely easy to install, even around corners. I ended up putting a set on both my TV and triple computer monitor display and can't believe I didn't do this before." —Ron

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three lengths and two styles).

    24. Some cable clips so you can organize all the cords you have and not spend 10 minutes fishing out your computer charging cord that fell behind your desk...again.

    Small black circles with a slit down the center that stick to a surface to keep cords in place on a desk

    Promising review: "This is another fantastic product. I have a lot of electronics along with a lot of cords and cables. These do a great job of keeping things organized and available. No more crawling under the bed or behind the desk to recover the dropped cable!" —Ken Gunville

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $6.95.

    25. A cord box to transform that tangled mess of wires into a nice orderly setup. Your desk will feel less cluttered so you can breathe a little easier.

    Daniel Boan/BuzzFeed, Daniel Boan / BuzzFeed

    Great Useful Stuff is a small biz based out of Sonoma, California featuring a selection of home and lifestyle products that guessed it...great and useful. This box includes the unit and six magnetic spools to keep the cords organized.

    BuzzFeed writer Daniel Boan says: "When Great Useful Stuff sent this to me for review, I thought it would simply be a cute way to keep my chargers from falling under my desk and becoming impossible to find, but I didn't realize how it would basically transform my space. As you can see above, I had a wildly unacceptable pile of wires on my floor that was becoming so big I almost started asking it to chip in for rent. When the box arrived, I untangled the cords, placed my power strip in the bottom of the box, then threaded the wires through the holes at the top (it also comes with magnetic attachments for looping excess length in the wires, but I didn't even need to use those). Now my cords are cleverly concealed and so much easier to manage — which makes me feel like I ever so slightly have my life together. I said slightly."

    Get it from Great Useful Stuff for $69.99.

    26. A charging station with six USB ports so you can charge alllllllllll your devices at once and keep them close so you can use them as you tackle your to-do list.

    The charging port in black with two USBs plugged into it and four open spots on a table

    I have a similar one to this and LOVE it. I use it every night because it keeps all my cords together and one place. Plus, you can charge multiple devices at once. I also always travel with it because then I don't have to worry about the hotel or room I'm staying in having enough outlets for all my devices.

    Promising review: "We're a family with TONS of rechargeable gadgets! I've had some issues with another multiport in the past, but this RAVPower is excellent! We're tech lovers ourselves, so our list currently includes three smartphones (Samsung/Apple), Samsung Galaxy tablet, four Kindles, smartwatches, Bluetooth portable speakers, Bluetooth headphones/earpieces, and other odds and ends. This even charges our PS4 controllers! It's fast, reliable, and I couldn't be happier. We've tried out a few different kinds of multi-port chargers because it seems like we all need to charge at the exact same time. My husband and I have claimed this for our room so we don't have to share it. It's perfect for high-power devices, and I love it!" —Keller

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in four colors).

    27. And an iRobot Roomba robot vacuum worth the investment because it will ~work~ for you, cleaning your floor as you go about your workday, meaning you can actually relax when you get done and not waste any time cleaning your home.

    large circular robot vacuum vacuuming up dirt on a wood floor

    This model coming with a base that lets the Roomba empty itself for up to 60 days. It picks up 99% of cat and dog allergens and works with Alexa to help you control when and where it cleans.

    Promising review: "I’ve only had this vacuum for about a month, and I am very impressed by it. It seems to get every spot in the house but needs to recharge about four or five times to complete the task which in my case, can take about eight hours. It self cleans itself when it returns to the base, but when it does this, it sounds like a jet engine revving up for takeoff, lol, but only lasts about 10 seconds. Despite these factors, it’s a great vacuum since it does everything itself and you can just go about your own business. It comes with a steep price tag but my wife is happy that it’s one less thing for her to do." —RS

    Get it from Amazon for $549.

    28. And a high-tech office chair complete with adjustable lumbar support, a heating pad, and I can't forget the best part — MASSAGE SETTINGS!!! Yes, that means that this chair can work for you during the workday. How cool is that?

    Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    Founder Anthony Mazlish started this small biz when he realized there weren't any businesses focusing on ergonomically designed chairs and other comfort products. Before you add this to your cart you can pick between the basic office chair or message style, one of nine different fabrics, with or without a headrest, two seat widths, two foam styles, plus adding wheels and/or a foot rest.

    Promising review: "This chair exceeded my high expectations for comfort, utility, and adaptability to my spinal and gluteal in keeping my back properly postured and my butt comfortably positioned. The price is still reasonable, consistent with its sturdy composition and its many adjustability features. I am delighted that I executed my well-thought-out decision to purchase this office chair for my study!" —TonyO

    Get it from X-Chair for $1,149.99 (customization available).

    Me reminding my dog why I can't play with her all day long:

    Dunlop Entertainment

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