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    29 Ways To Upgrade Your Home To Make It Look Like Adults Actually Live There

    How long do you have to have the whole adulting thing down before you can actually say you're an adult? Asking for a friend...

    1. Invest in a coffee table with some storage so you have a place to hide all those random mailers and magazines you haven't gotten around to throwing out.

    2. Replace your current mishmash of pots and pans with a sleek and modern set. (Bonus points if you match them to the colors in your kitchen.)

    3. Put up a mail and key organizer by your door so you'll never have to spend 10 minutes running frantically around the house screaming, "WHERE DID I PUT MY KEYS??" because they'll always be right on the hook.

    4. Store your blankets in a wire storage bin instead of the pile on the floor they're currently in. (Yep, I see you.)

    5. Use a caddy in your shower so you actually have a place to organize all your products instead of just placing them on the edges of the tub or floor.

    6. Commit to yourself to actually putting your clothes in a double hamper where you can pre sort your darks and colors, which in turn will make laundry day so much easier.

    7. Add a minimalist set of wood hooks to your wall to artfully hang (and display) your clothes and accessories and prove to everyone what great style you have.

    8. Replace your current leftover coasters from college bars with a nice coordinating set you'll actually want to use because they look great *and* they'll actually protect your furniture.

    9. Organize all your books on an actual bookcase and your apartment will look instantly look cleaner and more put-together.

    10. Store your cutting boards in an over-the-cabinet organizer, because you know your parents have a specific place for everything in the kitchen.

    11. Put a hall tree by your door so even if you aren't lucky enough to have a coat closet, you have a place to put your coats, umbrellas, wet shoes, etc. when you get in the house instead of just throwing them on the floor...again.

    12. Keep toilet spray in your bathroom so the room always smells fresh and clean, even when you forget to actually clean it.

    13. Upgrade up your less-than-great couch situation for a grown-up futon. It's comfortable, looks amazing, and you'll have a place for your friends to sleep when they crash.

    14. Organize your plastic containers with a lid organizer so you don't experience an avalanche every time you open the cabinet.

    15. Invest in a vacuum cleaner that will actually make you want to vacuum. Seriously, this is a thing that can happen, trust me.

    16. Put your butter in a butter dish so you'll never struggle to spread hard butter again.

    17. Put your television on a TV stand and you'll be able to hide all the cords and also have more storage and throw away that random table it's on right now. (Oh, that's only me? Okay.)

    18. Use some marble self-adhesive film to make every surface in your home look 100x fancier and hide the fact that your apartment was such a great deal because it hasn't been updated in decades.

    19. Transfer all your current mashup of bags and boxes of snacks into clear containers so your pantry will look more organized and you'll actually be able to see all the food you have.

    20. Add some light to your living room with a floor lamp that looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    21. Take advantage of all the storage space you have with a styling-tool organizer you hang on the inside of a cabinet door to keep your hair dryer and curling iron out of sight and tangle-free.

    22. Throw away all those random glasses you've inherited over the years and use a cohesive glassware set instead — you'll feel like a royal drinking from a non-plastic cup.

    23. Put a side table next to your couch so you can stop tempting fate by balancing glasses on your arm.

    24. Hang a A grocery bag dispenser in your pantry (or inside a cabinet) so you have a place to stash all the plastic bags you've accumulated instead of just hiding them in a closet and hoping for the best. ‾\_(ツ)_/‾

    25. Get a bath mat (or replace the one you have — they can get gross fast) to ensure that you don't get water everywhere when you shower.

    26. Add a headboard to your bed to give the place you spend a lot of time an elegant feel.

    27. Add a bar cart to your living/dining room so when you have guests over and offer them a drink from it (even if the booze are cheap) they'll instantly think that you're super fancy and have your life together, I guarantee it.

    28. And while you're at it, invest in a mattress that will not only help you sleep better at night but also just make your place look more put together in general (and that doesn't require a box spring).

    29. Organize your shoes in a shoe rack so you don't trip on them when you walk in the door.

    Now go pour yourself a glass of wine because you're an adult and you deserve it!

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