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Made by Design Bath Rug

  • Super-soft
  • Nonskid backing
  • Tufted, woven material
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Brooklinen Bath Mat

  • Dries super quickly
  • Easily washable
  • Simple, chic design
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Frontgate Resort Skid-Resistant Bath Rug

  • Effective nonskid backing
  • High-pile resort-style rug
  • Widest variety of colors and sizes
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If you’re like most bathroom-having humans, you likely haven’t spent a ton of time thinking about what truly makes a bath mat excellent. It’s certainly much easier to pick up the most decent-looking one with your latest Bed Bath & Beyond coupon when your current mat starts looking (or smelling) a little worse for wear. But after testing nearly 20 top-rated bath mats on the market, we can confidently say that it’s a household product you’d benefit from putting a little thought into.

Let’s start with the basics: The primary purpose of a bath mat is to dry off your feet and prevent you from slipping on a slick floor. So ideally you want a product that absorbs moisture well, dries quickly, and helps you avoid any post-shower accidents. Another thing to consider? You’re probably familiar with the concept that rugs “tie a room together,” and that same notion can be extended to the humble bath mat. You don’t need to be a design-minded person to find joy in aesthetic appeal, of course, and a mat that’s easy on the feet and the eyes is a simple way to add a little visual interest to a bathroom of any size.

Then there’s the simple fact that there are so. many. types. to choose from: Are you a low-key, towel-style bath mat person? Or more of a plush, high-pile type? Perhaps you, like us, never even stopped to ponder this very question until now! For the purposes of this review, we researched and tested those products that fell both under the “mat” and “rug” description; for fair comparison, we did not test wooden or diatomite stone bath mats (even though we’ve heard great things about this one). The nomenclature really seems to be up to a retailer: In general, those described as mats are flatter, while those described as rugs have a bit more texture and floof. But it’s all a matter of personal preference — and maybe whether or not you’ve got a low-clearance door.

All that to say, we tested a slew of bath mats, both at our New York offices (for a first round of absorption testing), and in our homes, taking into consideration functionality, dry time, washability, visual appeal, and availability of sizes and colors to find the best picks for every bathroom.


Made by Design Bath Rug

Starting from $8+

The Details

Available in two sizes

Available in six colors

100% polyester, with latex backing

300–400 GSM weight

2 lbs (for small size)

Machine-washable; tumble dry

Made in China

What / Who It's Best For

  • People with tiny bathrooms
  • College students
  • Households with pets

Why We Love It

Need another excuse for Target run? We didn’t think so, but here’s one anyway: It turns out you can find what we think is the best budget-priced bath rug in its fluorescent-lit aisles (and, of course, on its website). The Made by Design Bath Rug, crafted from polyester with a latex backing, comes through in terms of comfort, moisture absorption, and non-slippage, plus its simple, tufted design means it’ll fit in on any bathroom floor. And with a thin border, it’s less prone to looking misshapen or not lying flat after some use. Looks-wise, it’s a solid dupe for Pottery Barn’s Textured Organic Bath Rug, except it’s significantly softer and a fraction of the price; it’s also not reversible, but more on that in a bit. 

Best Bath Mats Made By Design standing on one foot

As we note in our review of Best Bath Towels, the weight of a towel, or bath mat in this case, is measured in GSM, or grams per square meter, which also indicates how dense its threads are. A higher GSM doesn’t always mean the towel is softer, more absorbent, or even physically thicker, but it does usually correspond with price (similar to how higher thread-count sheets are generally pricier). At 300–400 GSM, this rug is lightweight to medium-weight, making its price more than justifiable.

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Beyond affordability, where this rug truly racks up the points is in its nonskid backing. We tried our darndest to slip and slide while atop it, but this thing wouldn’t budge, even after a machine-wash and a cycle in the dryer. (Note, however, that it’s probably best to wash on a cold cycle and air-dry for maximum longevity.) While, as some reviews note, the nonskid backing may start to wear away after frequent washes, for this price point, we still think it’s the best option money can buy.

Best Bath Mats Made by Design backing
An aside on reversible bath mats: We didn’t weigh reversibility very heavily during our research and testing phases, because we don’t think the advantages of this feature override a quality mat that ticks all the other boxes. By default a nonreversible mat can’t have a nonskid backing, something we think is important to consider — especially if you have children or elderly folks in your household who may need a more steady footing. Perhaps the main draw of a reversible mat is the idea that you can flip it over for the next person taking a shower, if someone is hopping in right after you’ve used it — or to hide an unsightly stain on one side. If reversibility is on your checklist, you might consider the Amazon Banded Bath Mat, a no-frills, towel-style bath rug that gets the job done. And if memory foam is more your speed, the Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat is a perfectly fine option that won’t slide around on your tile floors. In general, we weren’t sold on memory foam as ideal material for a bath mat we could confidently suggest as the best, as it can be a detriment to dry time and leave your feet feelin’ kinda weird, but hey, to each their own.

Best Bath Mat Made By Design corner
Back to Made by Design, though. Furry friends frolicking about your home? Apparently cats love it too! It’s a good option for drying off pets after a bath or surprise rainstorm, as well as upcycling into a cat bed after you’ve had your fill of it. (Have you even seen the price of pet beds these days?) We also awarded points for its availability in a 24” x 17” size, dimensions that are surprisingly less common to come by, in addition to the more standard 34” x 20” bath mat. In six muted colors, it’s a great choice for tiny bathrooms, whether you’re living in a diminutive New York City apartment or a college dorm. And at $8, you won’t have to feel guilty about tossing it after a year — or semester — of use.

User Reviews

“I love these. They fit in our small bathrooms and they grip tile flooring well. The best thing is that I can easily wash them over and over and they hold up. We have cats with hairball problems that have ruined other, more expensive rugs. These have lasted!”
— JaneBot From Target
“This rug is soft and looked a lot better in my bathroom than I was expecting it to. The backing helps the rug stay in place and not move around. I was pleasantly pleased with this purchase. I bought it because of its size and I couldn't find many rugs that ran the smaller size I needed. It is perfect.”
— jcurlz From Target
“Love these rugs! I just refreshed our old beat-up rugs and these are a breath of fresh air. They are soft under your feet and simple. Absorbent too. For the reviewer that said they're cheap: I'm not sure what they are expecting. They are $10. But for the price, they are really nice. Very soft and absorbent like I said. I plan on washing them on cold, gentle cycle and hang drying to prolong their life.”
— cassbarron From Target
“I love this bath mat! I ordered two and they have both been great! They are super soft and absorbent and wash like a dream. I don't machine-dry them (I air-dry as much laundry as possible). I will be buying more of these! Oh, and my cats love them too. They'd make great cat beds!”
— Hunter Gatherer From Target

Made By Design

Light on weight, heavy on function


Brooklinen Bath Mat

Starting from $25+

The Details

Available in two sizes

Available in five colors

100% Turkish cotton

1,000 GSM weight

OEKO-TEX certified


Made in Turkey

What / Who It's Best For

  • People who wash their bath mats often
  • Fans of hotel-style bath rugs
  • Those with low-clearance doors

Why We Love It

If you’re in the market for a chic upgrade to your current bath-mat sitch, we recommend the Brooklinen Bath Mat. It’s a hotel-style, heavyweight option made from 100% Turkish cotton, one of the smoothest and strongest premium cottons around, clocking in at 1,000 GSM. Translation: This thing is soft as heck. Like we mentioned before, a high GSM doesn’t necessarily equate to a physically thicker product, and this mat is the perfect example of that. While this isn’t a particularly thick bath mat visually, make no mistake — its fibers are dense, it’s impossibly soft, and absorbency is top-notch.

Best Bath Mats Brooklinen feet on mat
In fact, that Brooklinen’s bath mat isn’t super-plush is a bonus: It can easily fold, if you need to reduce its surface area to fit smaller bathrooms. Or take a cue from one interiors-savvy reviewer who folds two up in a basket — one for them and one for a guest. It’s available in two sizes (20” x 31” and 27″ x 45″) and five neutral shades. Its thin, subtle piping detail along the edge doesn’t interfere with its ability to lie flat while adding some subtle visual interest. It’s also OEKO-TEX-certified, a fancy term you may have seen in various product descriptions that simply means it’s passed an independent certification program that tests household fabrics and materials for more than 300 known harmful substances. Phew.

Best Bath Mat Brooklinen tag
The Brooklinen bath mat holds up excellently in the wash (the company recommends machine-washing cold, tumble-drying low), so if you’re the kind of person who launders their bath mats frequently, you won’t have to worry with this one. And as plenty of reviewers have attested, that high GSM means their feet dry quickly — as does the mat itself, even when left on the floor rather than hung to dry. Note that this does not have nonskid backing, so if a truly nonskid mat is a nonnegotiable, see our $ and $$$ picks. That said, it works just as well in that capacity as any towel you might otherwise place on the floor.

For fans of higher-pile, plush bath accessories, we’d recommend our close runner-up in the $$ category, the Wamsutta Ultra-Fine Reversible Bath Mat. Like Brooklinen’s, it’s made of 100% cotton, is reversible (a soft, sheared surface on one side and textural loops on the other, to suit whatever your fancy), and holds up well in the wash. An incredibly soft option with excellent absorption capability, it lost points only in terms of dry time and aesthetic appeal. While its design doesn’t quite conjure up images of our granny’s house, it’s not the minimalist aesthetic our winner boasts — but it’s a solid bath mat that does its job well. Plus, it’s conveniently available in five sizes, in addition to one that fits around your toilet, if you decide to go the granny-chic route after all.

Best Bath Mats Brooklinen corner
If clean, modern vibes are more your scene, though, we think the Brooklinen mat will satisfy both your tastes and your drying needs.

User Reviews

“I love these bath mats. They are the perfect size and dry your feet instantly! They feel so good. They also wash nicely. Perfect addition to match my Brooklinen towel set!”
— Kristal C. From Brooklinen
“The one issue my husband always has with bath mats is that they are too thick and take too long to dry but not this one! It’s the perfect amount of plush on your feet but is able to dry quickly. Only downside is the size. I have a small bathroom so it can be a little big for the space. It would be awesome if there could be another option but still a great mat!”
— Will M. From Brooklinen
“Great quality and very absorbent, however, aesthetically it looks more like a towel than a bath mat.”
— Saloni G From Brooklinen
“It is the correct amount of thickness and lies flat without the corners curling. When I stepped on it after my shower it felt very good on my feet. I could feel the thickness and it absorbed my wet feet very well.”
— Linda R. From Brooklinen


Soft and chic


Frontgate Resort Skid-Resistant Bath Rug

Starting from $36.75

The Details

Available in four sizes

Available in 24 colors

Made of 100% combed, long-staple cotton yarns

Latex-treated backing



90-day guarantee

Free replacement or repair within one year of purchase

Made in India

What / Who It's Best For

  • Households with children or elderly people
  • Anyone who’s picky about colors
  • People with large bathrooms

Why We Love It

What gives a bath mat the right to cost nearly $50? For one, when it’s a quality product that’ll last you years and stand up to endless cycles in the wash, we think it’s well worth the investment. The Frontgate Resort Skid-Resistant Bath Rug is so comfy, you’ll find joy in using it both as a dry bath rug and right out of the shower — for the long haul. It proved to be the most skid-proof out of all the rugs and mats we tested across price tiers, with a sturdy backing that 200+ customers who rated it an average of 4.5 stars agree makes it worth the splurge.

Best Bath Mats Frontgate stepping from side
If you’re unfamiliar, Frontgate is a premier name in the housewares space; peruse any of their products’ reviews section (including this one’s) for a testament to how long-lasting they are, and you too might be swayed to drop a pretty penny on your new favorite bathroom accessory. As with our $ and $$ winners, it impressed us with its ability to effectively soak up moisture, keeping our damp feet toasty and comfortable, and drying relatively quickly. Its nonskid capability is second to none, and its modest aesthetic is neither fuddy-duddy nor particularly design-forward. Available in four sizes — 21” x 34”, 24” x 40”, 30” x 50”, and 30” x 72” — this bath rug can accommodate master and guest bathrooms small and grand alike, and with a whopping 24 colors to choose from, even the pickiest decorators among us are sure to find their perfect match.

The Frontgate’s high-pile construction makes it an especially great choice for those who live in colder climates (or anyone who just has an especially chilly bathroom), its 1.8 inches of thickness providing a solid, cozy barrier between bare feet and an icy tile floor. 

Best Bath Mats Frontgate hand

And about that plush design: It’s made with 100% long-staple cotton yarns, or cotton from a plant with longer individual fibers. The longer the staple, the softer, stronger, and more quality the cotton, and thus, the softer, stronger, and more quality the product made with this cotton ultimately is. A longer fiber length also means a smoother surface and fewer exposed fiber ends. TL;DR: This bath rug is less likely to tear or pill than one made from short-staple cotton, and it’s said to actually become softer with wear. (Though once you’ve given this rug a try, you might wonder how that’s even possible.) Long-staple cotton: It’s the gift that keeps on giving! 

That said, it may not be the best option for a small bathroom with a low-clearance door, in which case, we’d recommend the Parachute Looped Bath Rug, our runner-up at this price point. If the sensation of walking on clouds appeals to you, you’ll want to keep reading. The competition was stiff in the high-end price range, with Frontgate edging out Parachute’s impossibly soft bath rug for two primary reasons: For a premium price, we think a bath mat ought to be available in more than two colors and two sizes (in Parachute’s case, white and gray, and standard rug and runner sizes), and we also think that it shouldn’t easily budge while you’re standing on it. If neither of these elements strikes you as important, however, and you place a bit more value on style, Parachute’s Bath Rug, also crafted with 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, is a phenomenal investment.

Best Bath Mat Frontgate tag
We’re sold on the Frontgate Resort Skid-Resistant Bath Rug, and we’re confident you’ll be too. But if for any reason you wind up with buyer’s remorse or disappointed with your purchase, the company offers a 90-day guarantee — plus they’ll repair or replace any product for a full year from the date of sale. We’d say that’s worth a premium price for something you’ll use every day.

User Reviews

“This rug is plush, soft and washes well. I have washed it six times already and is still as soft and full as new. I was very happy I decided to purchase this.”
— michelle222 From Frontgate
“These rugs are beautiful, substantial, and long-lasting. They launder well and last for many years. They coordinate superbly with Frontgate towels. I highly recommend these rugs!”
— SusanCinVT From Frontgate
“This rug was purchased as a replacement for the Frontgate bathroom rug I have used for 10 years because it was finally showing signs of wear. Love the quality and plush look and feel of this new non-skid rug.”
— DLT8 From Frontgate
“I was really happy with this rug — it looks and feels luxurious and it's very soft and plush underfoot. Great for cold tile floors. Love the color options.”
— Michelle111 From Frontgate


Plush and truly skid-proof

Where to buy

$36+ at Frontgate