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    35 Travel-Inspiring Gifts For Anyone With Wanderlust

    These are *almost* as great as a plane ticket somewhere.

    1. A set of mini notebooks in which they can write all their thoughts and dreams about where they want to travel next.

    2. A savings bank that (sadly) doesn't come with money inside, but it is a cute way to save up for their next grand adventure.

    3. A darling pendent that'll add a global ~spin~ to any outfit.

    4. A beautiful book that showcases places that evoke different emotions, from awe to passion to serenity.

    5. A whiskey decanter can artfully display that their alcohol tastes are out of this world.

    6. An art print that may encourage a quick trip across the country.

    7. A scratch-off world map so they can keep track of all the places they've been — but also see how many more they have to go!

    8. A homesick candle to help get a ~scent~ of what other countries or states smell like.

    9. A commuter clutch with space for a phone, headphones, and wallet inside so all they have to do is clutch this and display its beauty to the world.

    10. A coffee table book your hiking-obsessed friend will love. It features well-known routes with maps, practical tips and some ahh-mazing photos (they will probably want to try and recreate when they hike it).

    11. An illustrated 2019 calendar to help remind them to start planning their next trip well, like, now.

    12. A color-changing mug that may not show them a whole new world, but will open their eyes to the world in front of them...once they have their morning coffee, that is.

    13. A coloring book that will take them around the world in 80 days...oh wait, sorry, in 50 pages.

    14. A vintage world map watch because it's always time to travel, and you can't tell me anything different.

    15. A wallet with an old-school feel that will remind them there's adventure calling (and that that adventure costs money so maybe they don't need that expensive coffee).

    16. A fun book to help start their bucket list now because life is short and we might as well enjoy it, whether that means bird watching in Kenya or learning a new language.

    17. A passport holder you can customize to make the gift even more personal.

    18. A blush and gold globe to add a touch of wanderlust and design-lust (that's a thing, right?) to any home or office.

    19. A travel journal filled with lists they can fill out about past travels and also brainstorm about where to go next.

    20. An enamel pin they can display on a bag to show everyone that they're not here for a long time, but a good time.

    21. A seriously cute travel wallet that has a place for everything they need for a trip around the world, or just to the grocery store.

    22. A laundry bag that will make a ~world~ of a difference the next time they do laundry. No more trying to carry everything in their arms and dropping socks along the way!

    23. A cross-stitch world map for the travel *and* craft enthusiast who wants to show off where exactly they've had a ~stitching~ good time.

    24. An embroidered suitcase patch to help distinguish their luggage from the endless parade of black suitcases in baggage claim.

    25. A book that will make them feel like they've seen the world even if they haven't left the country. (I get it, traveling is expensive.)

    26. A notepad for a forgetful person or an extra organized one to make sure they are fully packed before they leave.

    27. A cozy sweatshirt that will tell people what's on their agenda: getting out there.

    28. A canvas makeup bag with a cute message that can be filled with either makeup or tech accessories before a flight.

    29. An airplane bottle opener to help a good night out ~take flight~.

    30. A sturdy canvas duffle bag with a number of useful pockets will keep everything organized on a weekend trip or as a carry-on for longer travel.

    31. A small but might compass necklace to help guide them on their journey — whatever that journey is.

    32. A set of travel cards for making a trip anything but ordinary: When they want to spice things up, all they have to do is pick a card and complete the task for an unexpected turn in their travels!

    33. A tote bag that will show the world exactly how they feel ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.

    34. A doodle world map pillowcase because you're never too young to start fostering a sense of wanderlust.

    35. And a beautiful wooden sign they will be lusting after to display in their home.

    That feeling when you open a gift that's so perfect for you: