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    25 Practical Hostess Gifts Under $25 That They'll Actually Use

    Treat the host with the most to something nice.

    1. A cheese slicer that lets you adjust the thickness to get the perfect slice of cheese every single time.

    2. A set of 12 floral wine charms ideal for when they have a bunch of people over and need to figure out whose wine is whose.

    3. A mixology cocktail shaker with directions for making different drinks, so they'll always look more knowledgable than they actually are.

    4. A hot-air popcorn popper that'll provide them with delicious popcorn to serve in just a couple of minutes.

    5. A pour-over coffee maker so they can easily make scrumptious coffee, no machine required.

    6. A spatula adorned with adorable pups, because baking with the help of dogs makes everything better.

    7. A bathroom guest book to help them keep track of visitors (and give those visitors something fun to do while they sit on the porcelain throne).

    8. A wine aerator pourer that attaches to a wine bottle so they'll pour the perfect glass of vino every time.

    9. An oven mitt that will not only protect their hand when pulling stuff out of the oven, but remind them who runs the world.

    10. A set of mini bamboo serving trays, because everything is cuter (and tastier) when served in miniature form.

    11. A set of gold measuring cups and spoons that will look so chic in their kitchen that they'll actually want to cook more.

    12. A salt rimmer dish that will keep their cocktail skills ~sharp~ as they make tasty margaritas.

    13. Some Poo-pourri to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean no matter how many guests wind up using it.

    14. A quirky set of six wine condoms that will help any leftover bottles of wine ~last for days~.

    15. A movie misquote game, which will have everyone in stitches as they transform classic movie quotes with phrases from other films to create the funniest one.

    16. A red wine stain remover for any mishaps that will inevitably take place during parties (even parties of one, no judgment).

    17. A large metal serving tray to help celebrate everything even after the holiday season is over.

    18. A cheese plate set with a etched snowflake design and wooden spreader to artfully display everyone's favorite party food: CHEESE.

    19. A cookbook that's also a subtle hint that you want the recipient to host more parties so you can try all the recipes without having to make them yourself.

    20. A three-pack of eco-friendly reusable food wraps for your environmentally conscious friend so they can cut down on their plastic waste and still keep food fresh.

    21. A three-piece essential coffee tool set to up their coffee game and transform them into the barista of their dreams.

    22. A mini donut maker because who doesn't need a mini donut maker to serve delicious donuts for dessert at every party?!?!

    23. An electric bottle opener that makes opening wine so easy they'll never have to struggle to pull out a cork again.

    24. An adorable personalized apron they'll get a ton of use out of and want to show off at every party they throw.

    25. A set of coasters so beautiful guests *might* actually use them instead of just setting drinks down wherever they feel like it.

    When you see the dessert table across the room:

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