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    26 Gifts For The Health-Conscious Person You Know

    Gifts for a *truly* happy, healthy holiday!

    1. A personal blender with a handy to-go bottle to help lighten the workload of the person who ~just can't~ until they've had their morning smoothie.

    2. A 10-pack of refreshing body wipes that'll make the perfect stocking stuffer for the person who'll travel to some far-flung outdoor boot camp class or hike where there isn't a shower stocked with fancy products to wash up afterward.

    3. A BroteinBox subscription for the giftee with an insatiable appetite for protein-heavy foods.

    4. Or RawBox, a delivery chockfull of delightful raw vegan snacks, as well as all-natural lifestyle products, if that's more up their alley.

    5. A compact gym bag that'll mesh with anyone's style — and that's cool enough to tote around all day.

    6. Or a does-it-all laptop backpack perfect for the commuting professional who lives out of their bag — it even comes with a genius compartment to store gym shoes!

    7. A Blue Apron gift card in case they like to avoid processed foods, but don't always have the time to make it to the grocery store.

    8. Or a Foodstirs subscription if they have a *serious* sweet tooth but have a hard time tracking down organic, non-GMO baking mixes.

    9. A hands-free leash with zipper pouch that'll make it easy to jog with their pup, no matter how big they are.

    10. Plastic containers with the miraculous ability to keep produce day-one fresh for almost two weeks (seriously!!) that'll make for a practical and much-appreciated stocking stuffer for the fruit-and-veggies lover.

    11. A vitamin subscription, because nothing says you care like a monthly delivery of personalized vitamins and supplements to support their wellbeing!

    12. A reversible yoga mat that'll make an appearance on their Instagram grid (if they're into that) and give them excellent traction (they're definitely into that).

    13. A splurgeworthy Aerogarden, so they'll have garden-fresh herbs all year long growing right on their countertop.

    14. A Quip toothbrush subscription for the person who's been meaning to upgrade to an electric toothbrush but isn't quite sure where to start. (Doesn't looking at these pretty brushes just make you want to brush your teeth right this second?!)

    15. A flashy Fitbit band that'll keep theirs from looking *too much* like wearable tech.

    16. A ClassPass subscription or a Groupon gift card they can put toward trying out the latest and greatest boutique fitness classes in their area.

    17. A pair of men's jogger pants designed with a material that minimizes sweat and eliminates odor that'll become their new go-to workout pants.

    18. Or a pair of customer-favorite leggings that pretty much have a cult following at this point — perfect for working out, running errands, or just lounging around the house — because no one can ever have too many leggings, no matter how full their closet already is.

    19. A pair of Panasonic headphones for wearing while running (or other intense workouts they wouldn't want to wear their super fancy headphones during).

    20. A Veggie Buds Club subscription to help picky kids get excited about a different veggie each month, leading to healthier eating habits for life!

    21. A box of matcha sticks — get it, match(a)sticks?! — for the green tea fanatic who wants to step up their game with this antioxidant-rich powder.

    22. A kombucha brewing kit so fans of the healthy fermented elixir can make their own at home instead of blowing all their cash on bottles at the store.

    23. A tumbler with rainbow bands for a fun way to keep track of how much they drink throughout the day — just push a band up after finishing what's in the tumbler and keep going until all the bands are pushed up!

    24. Or an infusion pitcher that'll encourage them to stay hydrated, because who can resist a glass of delightfully fruit- (or veggie-, or herb-) flavored water à la your favorite spa?

    25. A gift set of travel-sized, coconutty Kopari products they can feel good about using while they pretend they're living in an endless summer.

    26. And a bidet attachment, because nothing says "health-conscious" like hygienic post-pooping habits!

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