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    22 Beauty Products For Anyone Who Considers Themselves To Be Low-Key

    A 12-step skincare routine?? I can barely remember to put on moisturizer.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An eyeliner stamp to give you the perfect cat eye in seconds. No, I'm not kitten you — look at how easy it is!

    2. CreaVe moisturizer made with SPF 30 in it so you only have to remember to put *one* thing on your face in the morning. Plus, not only will your face feel soft all day long, you'll also be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

    3. A shimmery eyeshadow stick you can dab in the corner of your eyes to make them brighter and eliminate the need to wear powdered eyeshadow at all.

    4. Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer that might stop you from wearing foundation ever again. Just put a small dot in your hand and spread it all over your face for light coverage that will stay in place all day.

    5. A pack of Might Patch pimple patches you put on your zit before you go to bed at night so when you wake up, it will be SOOOO much smaller. There's no need to apply concealer to a zit that doesn't exist anymore.

    6. Glossier Cloud Paint to make your cheeks (or eyes) ~glow~ even if you overslept and only had .2 seconds to get ready.

    7. A tinted lip balm that might just replace your need for lipstick altogether, gracing your pout with hydration and a dose of color.

    8. MILK makeup highlighter stick you can apply in three, two, one, DONE. Yeah, it's that simple to give your face a nice glow like you've never seen before.

    9. A Maybelline BB cream –put a smidge on your hands and then spread all over your face to give your skin a dewy look while also minimizing pores and reducing any redness. Say goodbye to taking five minutes to apply foundation evenly!

    10. An In-Shower face mask that literally takes 60 seconds to work. Yep, that's right. You don't have to take your precious time applying a mask and letting it sit and washing it off. Just put it all over your face when you're in the shower, wash your hair, and you'll have softer skin. It really is that easy.

    11. A two-in-one blush and highlighter stick you can apply super easily on days you want to add a bit more color to your look while still keeping it looking natural.

    12. A bottle of NYX setting spray you can spritz on after doing your makeup in the morning and not have to worry about applying again at night before that big dinner you have. Nobody's got time for that.

    13. Benefit's "They're Real" lipstick – it has two colors to essentially make it super easy to put lip liner and lipstick on at once, making your lips look fuller and like you tried super hard.

    14. A Maybelline Dark Circles Treatment Concealer that has an attached sponge applicator so you don't have to use another brush or sponge to hide those dark circles under your eyes. Just dab and go.

    15. Some OUAI wave spray to give you effortless beach waves with an emphasis on "effortless." Just spray it in and let it air dry for beautiful locks.

    16. A three-in-one lip and cheek cream made with coconut extract for an extra dose of natural-looking glow you can dab on your cheeks and lips as you head out the door.

    17. A Benefit Duo eyeshadow blender so simple, all you have to do is slide the blender across the eyeshadow, and then sweep it on your lids. Voilà! You'll have beautiful blended eyeshadow in seconds.

    18. Some face masks with vitamin E and collagen you can put on at night and then put on an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel like you really want to.

    19. Tarte mascara that does the equivalent of four jobs. That's right, it curls, separates, defines, and nourishes your lashes, meaning with one swipe you'll be doing more for them than you've ever done before with only 1/4 the amount of work.

    20. Kiss nail adhesives because who really wants to take the time to go get their nails down nowadays? These give you professional-looking nails in minutes. Plus, no drying time so you don't have to worry about them chipping in an hour.

    21. Stila color-correcting facial serum for days when you want to look a little nicer and may even have to put on foundation (😱). Applying this before foundation will help even out your skin tone without using concealer.

    22. And Garnier SkinActive micellar cleansing water you can use to wash your face in the morning *and* remove your makeup at night. We love a product that can do both.

    When someone tells you that you look beautiful:

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