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Sep 2016
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    AddyFalcon commented on Show Us Something You Made In Quarantine That You're Suuuuuper Proud Of

    My bagels!!!!! My whole family is hooked, I’ve gotten pretty good! I even made my own “everything” bagel seasoning, so I don’t have to make the extra trip to Trader Joe’s.

    1 month ago

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    AddyFalcon commented on We Wanna Hear Your Quarantine Love Story

    Just a few months before quarantine, my high school sweetheart and I reconnected. We were doing long distance when everything was closed, and we had only gotten to physically see each other once in Feb. Lots of virtual dates and long phone calls later, and he ended up coming down… 

    3 months ago

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    AddyFalcon commented on What's The Totally Petty Thing You Did That Surprised Even You?

    I'm a property manager at an apartment complex. One time a resident who has a habit of being nasty came in to complain about a maintenance guy because he didn't do what he was told. She neglected to tell us that she screamed at him "you work for me!" during the encounter. So now I… 

    2 years ago

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    AddyFalcon commented on What's One Beauty Hack That Changed Your Life?

    When doing a side part in your hair, go diagonally to the center of your hair once you start, so the back of your part is at the center of your crown. Your part will last exactly like that for the ready of the day, with a perfect side part look!

    3 years ago

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